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Tryon raised the safety issue and stated that if stacking of trucks was done it <br />should be at the quarry not at El Monte. She also discussed the issue of <br />enforcement and opening up Stonebrook to Magdalena. Dauber asked if the <br />County had been invited to this meeting and was advised that they were not <br />invited. She believed the County should be included and should have some <br />responsibility for the problems this project was causing. She also commented <br />that there was a service road along the McCullough property which might <br />also be used and it was agreed this alternative would be researched. Hubbard <br />commented that he had some rough figures of the amount of traffic being <br />discussed. At 35 trucks a day, making 7 trips a day, there were 259 trips one <br />way or in other words at the maximum one a minute. Siegel did note that <br />the trucks did not haul dirt every day. On the subject of the enforcement <br />issue, Siegel also commented that the deputies would be out on Stonebrook <br />for a couple of hours a day and would stop all speeders. Council discussed the <br />Stonebrook Path Project which would soon be going out to bid and <br />questioned whether this project should be done while the dirt hauling was <br />continuing. It was noted that the bid opening was scheduled for June 9th <br />with the award of contract scheduled for the June 16th Council Meeting. <br />Council decided to proceed with this schedule and not abandon the <br />competitive bid process on an urgency basis. Council also discussed opening <br />up Stonebrook to Magdalena and staff was directed to research this section of <br />`r the road for a right of way. <br />John Kolski, Stevens Creek Quarry Trucking Company, explained that the <br />schedule for hauling dirt was dictated by Caltrans as they were getting the dirt <br />from the Highway 85 project. He explained the schedule of the trucks and the <br />impact of having them back up at the Highway 85 site, the quarry or El Monte. <br />On the subject of trucks, he stated that double trailers had a better pivot than <br />single trailers. <br />Ruth Buneman, 12655 La Cresta, noted that she was a bicyclist and it was very <br />difficult to get around the Stonebrook area on a bicycle. In her opinion <br />Stonebrook should be opened up but she did not know the impact of this <br />option on private property. <br />George Barnett, Edgecliffe, commented on the safety issue and suggested <br />limiting the number of trucks leaving the 85 construction site with a full <br />load. He also suggested slow and yield signs at Priscilla and Prospect. Mr. <br />Barnett believed stacking the trucks at El Monte could cause problems but did <br />not believe the speed limit was an issue. He was quite concerned, however, <br />that there was no exit other than Stonebrook in case of an emergency. <br />May 22, 1993 <br />Special Meeting <br />