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`w <br />Rosemary Meyerott, Town Historian, commented that over the years there <br />had been a problem with the traffic going to the quarry. In her opinion the <br />best solution was to open up Stonebrook. She also expressed her concerns <br />about too much development in that area and not being able to get out on <br />Stonebrook in case of an emergency. <br />Shirley Stevenson, Prospect, noted that she had lived in Town for 31 years <br />and was very concerned about the lack of exits for so much development in <br />the area of Stonebrook. She also did not agree with the dirt being hauled up <br />Stonebrook but if it could not be prevented then she certainly believed it <br />should be conditioned and Mr. Vidovich should be responsible. <br />Alan Dale, 25274 La Loma Drive, supported opening up Stonebrook to the <br />quarry. He also believed the truck drivers were excellent drivers and <br />changing the speed limit was not necessary. If the Council did reduce the <br />speed limit however he believed the residents would have to abide by the law <br />since they were supposed to be going the 25 mph speed limit. <br />Richard Aurelio, 25320 La Loma Drive, believed it was impossible to come <br />down Stonebrook with all of the truck traffic, noise and dirt. About 100 <br />residents were negatively impacted in his opinion with only John Vidovich <br />benefitting. Mr. Aurelio noted three areas of concern: benefit to residents - <br />access to the lake; preservation of open space on hillside and pathway <br />easements. He asked what leverage the Town had but was advised by the <br />Mayor that the Town could not legally ban the trucks. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: Council agreed to take the following short term <br />actions regarding Stonebrook: direct the crew to clear the trees on Stonebrook <br />for better visibility and to place lane delineators on Stonebrook in the areas <br />recommended by the Public Works Department. Council further agreed to <br />schedule this issue for a public hearing at their June 2, 1993 City Council <br />Meeting and at that time to review a complete report as prepared by staff on <br />all of the issues raised concerning regulation of truck traffic on Stonebrook. <br />These issues include: the alternate access through the McCullough <br />subdivision; limitation of truck traffic, reduced speed limits, one-way truck <br />traffic (stacking trucks/use of flag men); asking the owner, John Vidovich, to <br />agree to opening up Stonebrook; restricting trucks to double trailers; and <br />May 22, 1993 <br />Special Meeting <br />