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issue. Reserves had been set aside for this new fire station and Foothill <br /> College would be the contracting agency for the new station. Tryon noted that <br /> the new station should be established as an emergency operations center and <br /> McGuigan suggested a helicopter landing pad for emergencies. <br /> Councilmembers asked that copies of the sketch of the proposed new fire <br /> station be sent to Council and to Supervisor Dianne McKenna. In addition, <br /> Council asked that this issue be agendized for comments prior to the public <br /> hearing scheduled at the College. <br /> 3. JOINT STAFFING OF FOOTHILL PARK <br /> Fire Chief Landrum reported that Mountain View and Palo Alto would be <br /> providing service for the north area of San Antonio Road to Shoreline Park. <br /> In addition, joint staffing between Los Altos and Palo Alto was being <br /> proposed for the fire station at Foothill Park during the high fire season and <br /> for assistance in medical emergencies. Presently there was one person from <br /> the Los Altos Fire Department at this station during the low fire season. <br /> Under the new program, staffing would go up to as many as two from Los <br /> Altos and two from Palo Alto during the high fire season, for 12 to 24 hour <br /> days. This agreement was presently being reviewed and a cost basis analysis <br /> had been requested. A letter of understanding would be forthcoming. <br /> Ifibr 4. FIRE PREVENTION PAMPHLET <br /> van Tamelen and Halliday reported that the committee had completed work <br /> on the fire prevention pamphlet. It would soon be mailed to all in the <br /> District (approximately 4, 000) and would be sent with a cover letter from the <br /> Los Altos County Fire Protection District Commission. <br /> 5. DUTIES OF FIRE MARSHALL <br /> Fire Marshall Stu Farwell reported that he enforced the Fire Codes and State <br /> Regulations. He also established fire safety regulations for new developments <br /> and oversaw the fire hazard reduction program. Representatives from the <br /> Fire Department systematically went through the Town and advised residents <br /> of fire hazards. Letters were sent to residents notifying them that their lots <br /> needed to be cleared of fire hazards within a certain amount of time or the <br /> work would be done by the Town and the charges placed on their property tax <br /> bills. van Tamelen stated that she would like to be notified when the Town <br /> did not adopt recommendations on new developments as suggested by the <br /> 41rMay 14, 1992 <br /> Adjourned Regular Meeting <br /> 2 <br />