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Minutes of a Regular Meeting <br /> February 20, 1991 <br /> Town of Los Altos Hills <br /> City Council Meeting <br /> Wednesday, February 20, 1991, 7:15 P.M. <br /> Council Chambers, 26379 Fremont Road <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER,ROLL CALL, AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> Mayor Siegel called the Regular Meeting of the City Council to order at 7:25 <br /> p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. <br /> Present: Mayor Siegel and Councilmembers Casey, Hubbard, Johnson <br /> and Tryon. <br /> Absent: None <br /> Staff: Acting City Manager Richard DeLong; City Attorney Sandy Sloan; <br /> Director of Public Works Bill Ekem; Planning Consultant <br /> Margaret Netto and City Clerk Pat Dowd <br /> Press: Mary Fortney, Peninsula Times Tribune and Cristal Borlik, <br /> Los Altos Town Crier <br /> Mayor Siegel welcomed the new Acting City Manager, Richard DeLong who was the <br /> former City Manager of San Mateo, Mountain View and Milpitas. <br /> 2. APPOINTMENTS AND PRESENTATIONS <br /> 2.1 Presentation by Sherie McGumery, Human Relations Commission, <br /> on Mediation Services <br /> Ms. Sherie McGumery presented an overview of the mediation services offered by <br /> the Human Relations Commission. She noted that they handled 300-400 cases a <br /> month most of which dealt with barking dogs. They also did a lot of work with <br /> shelters, especially those for youths. Presently there was no charge for their services <br /> but this policy was being reviewed. Ms. McGumery also urged Council to support a <br /> bill which would increase filing fees. Hubbard noted that he had worked with this <br /> program in Mountain View and it was excellent. He urged Council to consider <br /> these services if needed by the Town. Council thanked Ms. McGumery for her <br /> presentation <br /> 2.2 Appointments to Town Standing Committees <br /> February 20, 1991 <br /> 1 <br />