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` 4.3a Approval of Variance to MDA, 547 square foot deck addition, Lands <br /> tar of Wong, 11675 Dawson Drive <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To appeal the Planning Commission's approval of <br /> a variance to the maximum development area to allow for a 547 square <br /> foot deck addition and to schedule for a public hearing at the next Council <br /> meeting to allow the Council the opportunity to review the project. <br /> 4.4 Acceptance of Conservation Easement on Lands of Eshner, Altamont <br /> Road <br /> Paul Nowack, applicant's engineer, referenced the conservation easement <br /> and noted that the map rejects the easement. The easement was never <br /> offered, accepted and has been rescinded. He suggested negotiation as they <br /> could offer more easement in better areas of the land. <br /> Tryon did not believe acceptance of the conservation easement was <br /> necessary at this time as the Town had the easement whether or not this <br /> action was taken. The City Attorney responded that she believed it would <br /> be more appropriate to accept the easement at this time and this would not <br /> preclude future Council actions. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Siegel, seconded by <br /> Stir Johnson and passed unanimously by all member present to adopt <br /> Resolution #13-91 accepting conservation easement on Tract No. 4897. <br /> 4.5 Request from Bullis School PTA to use Westwind Barn for School <br /> Function <br /> Betsy Bertram, 11854 Page Mill Road, asked why this request was coming <br /> before the Council and if the Westwind Barn Board was aware of the <br /> request. <br /> Staff noted that according to the lease such requests needed to go before the <br /> Council and a letter had been received from the Board of Westwind Barn <br /> with their approval of the request. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Tryon, seconded by <br /> Siegel and passed unanimously by all members present to approve the <br /> request from Bullis School PTA to use Westwind Barn for a <br /> Father/Daughter night on May 1, 1991. <br /> 4.6 Encroachment Permit for Construction of a Sanitary Sewer in <br /> L Purissima and Concepcion Roads, Lands of Wheatley -- Reso # <br /> 4 <br /> ir <br /> April 3, 1991 <br /> 3 <br />