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form of victimization; and 2) Commissioner Comiso noted the discussion at the last <br /> Planning Commission meeting regarding outside living space as a finding for a <br /> variance and suggested it be agendized for discussion. <br /> Siegel stated that while he did not want to remove any planning item from the <br /> agenda he did have some questions about site development conditions of approval <br /> and the development figures for Lands of Movassate. Regarding Lands of <br /> Movassate he noted that the figures compiled by the Planning Consultant were <br /> incorrect and the applicant was quite close to maximum development allowed on <br /> the property. Siegel suggested the applicant be asked to file a letter with the Town <br /> stating that he knew he was at the maximum development allowed. Regarding the <br /> conditions, he referred to the use of standard conditions and stressed the importance <br /> of these conditions being uniform. The Director of Public Works stated he would <br /> relay these comments to the Planning Consultant for implementation. <br /> 4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> Item Removed: 4.3 (Hubbard) <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Tryon, seconded by Hubbard and <br /> passed unanimously to approve the balance of the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br /> 4.1 Approval of Warrants: $42,488.07 (4/17/91) <br /> 4.2 Consideration of Whether To Concur with or Review the following <br /> Planning Commission Actions at Its Meeting on April 24, 1991: <br /> 4.2a Lands of Colo, 10401 Magdalena Avenue approved request for a Site <br /> Development Permit for a new residence and swimming pool. <br /> 4.2b Lands of Movassate, 125810 Mojan Lane: approved request for a Site <br /> Development Permit for a new residence. <br /> 4.2c Lands of Looney, approved request for a Conditional Development <br /> Permit, a Variance and a Site Development Permit for a deck and <br /> 280 square foot addition. <br /> 4.4 Support Legislation to create an Open-Space Authority in Santa Clara <br /> County (5131422) <br /> Item Removed: <br /> 4.3 Adoption of Findings for a Variance to the Maximum Development Area <br /> for 547 Square Foot Deck Addition, Lands of Wong, 11675 Dawson Drive <br /> May 1, 1991 <br /> 2 <br />