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look into annexation of the area. Mr. Vidovich was now a member of the Santa <br /> Clara County Planning Commission and in their review of their General Plan they <br /> were considering changing some of the designations. If the area were not annexed, <br /> the Town would have no say in future development. Comments were made by <br /> Councilmembers on annexation laws in general and the reclamation plan for the <br /> quarry in particular. <br /> Johnson noted that the Santa Clara County Cities Association had appointed him to <br /> the County's General Plan Sub-Committee and if anyone had any comments they <br /> should let him know. <br /> Council thanked Dr. Martin for his presentation. <br /> 2.2 Presentation by Wes Henderson: Progress Report on the Joint Town- <br /> Little League Program to Maintain and Improve Purissima Park Fields <br /> Wes Henderson, President - Little League, reported that in December of 1990 an <br /> agreement was reached between the Town and the Little League for joint <br /> maintenance of the little league fields. Projects and goals included the protection of <br /> public safety, the maintenance and improvement of the fields and grounds, <br /> irrigation system, painting, replacement of turf with drought tolerant grasses (long <br /> term goal), fence repairs, gopher control, snack bar and restrooms, and dealing with <br /> 4 the issue of pet control on the fields (signage hopefully will help correct the <br /> �r problem). Mr. Henderson noted that the infrastruture had been greatly improved <br /> and they were being treated fairly by the Water District which included the option of <br /> a water banking program. He stated that they were within their budget this year and <br /> in response to an inquiry about how they raised funds, he noted registration, <br /> corporate sponsors and monies raised from the snack bar, hit-a-thons, etc. He noted <br /> that the major expenditures were grading, replacement of grass and painting. <br /> Council reminded Mr. Henderson that the public hearing for the 1991-92 proposed <br /> budget was scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th should he wish to attend and they <br /> thanked him for the responsible effort and creative work on the behalf of Little <br /> League in working with the Town. <br /> 3. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT <br /> Councilmembers expressed concerns that no staff reports had been available on the <br /> Lands of Adams, major remodel and addition and Lands of Moos, new residence to <br /> replace earthquake damage. The Director of Public Works stated that these were not <br /> considered to be controversial applications and had been heard by the Planning <br /> Commission sitting as the Site Development Committee. For these meetings staff <br /> reports were not prepared. Council did not concur and believed major remodels <br /> should be heard by the full Planning Commission. <br /> May 15, 1991 <br /> 2 <br />