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Add the potential for payment of booking fees to County. <br /> Reduce the anticipated cost of water for Little League Fields <br /> Add 5% CPI increase to fees and charges effective October 1 <br /> Add interest income on loans to Drainage and Street Fund. <br /> Approve City Council Program Recommendations 1-6 (#3 a report back from <br /> the City Manager and#4 already done). <br /> Approve City Manager Manager, Finance, Community Service, City Attorney, <br /> Engineering and City Clerk Program Recommendations. <br /> Approve Town Committee Program Recommendations as amended. <br /> Approve Emergency Preparedness Budget with change from $35,000 to $5,000 <br /> for radio system. <br /> Approve Police Program Recommendations with changes. <br /> L Approve building inspection program recommendations with establishment <br /> IP' of declaration policy. <br /> Approve playing fields budget with $3,000 reduction in water. <br /> The following program amendments were also approved. <br /> Building permit fees will be waived for earthquake repairs only for those <br /> persons who have declared their earthquake damage with the Town prior to <br /> October 17, 1991. (CITY COUNCIL AND BUILDING INSPECTION <br /> PROGRAMS) <br /> A broad analysis will be conducted concerning compliance of the Sun <br /> Country Cable Television Co. with franchise provisions prior to conducting <br /> hearings on liquidated damage claims. (CITY MANAGER PROGRAM) <br /> A "Town Packet" will be sent to all new appointees to Town Committees and <br /> Commissions (TOWN COMMITTEES PROGRAM) <br /> L. <br /> June 4, 1991 <br /> 2 <br />