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411, 4.6 Setting the Time and Place of a Public Hearing to Review the Annual <br /> Sewer Service Charge set by the City of Los Altos for the Los Altos <br /> Sewer Basin -- Reso #24-91 <br /> 4.7 Acceptance of Offer of Dedication of Road Right-of-Way, Stonebrook <br /> Avenue and Prospect Avenue -- Reso #25-91 <br /> 4.8 Annexation and Lot Line Adjustment, Stonebrook Avenue <br /> 4.9 Acceptance of Financial Consultant's Report on Proposition 111 Funding <br /> Items Removed: <br /> 4.1 Approval of Minutes: May 15, 1991 <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Hubbard, seconded by Tryon and <br /> passed unanimously to approve the May 15, 1991 Council Meeting Minutes with the <br /> following correction: Page 5, Item 4.4. the motion should reflect the following roll <br /> call vote -- Ayes: Siegel, Hubbard, Johnson and Tryon; Noes: Casey <br /> 4.4 Contract with STA, Inc. for Environmental Review, Lands of Eshner <br /> (HCW, Inc.), Altamont Road -- Reso # <br /> Council had before them the Director of Public Works' staff report which included <br /> the recommendation that the contract with STA, Inc. be approved in the amount of <br /> $42,375 and that HCW, Inc. be required to deposit this full amount with the Town <br /> plus an administrative charge of $11,046.80. The report also included the notation <br /> that it was usual practice to have the entire contract amount available to the Town <br /> for disbursement. The Director of Public Works commented that both Russ Carter <br /> for Lands of McCulloch and John Vidovich for Lands of Quarry Hills had been <br /> required to fulfill this obligation. <br /> Hilda Wong, HCW, Inc., stated that she did not concur with paying the full amount <br /> of the contract. The Town would be able to tell several months in advance if more <br /> funds were needed and she did not want to tie up that amount of money for such a <br /> long period of time. <br /> Tryon commented that she appreciated Hilda Wong's comments and it was an issue <br /> which could be discussed by Council in the future; however, at this time her <br /> decision was based on a current Council policy. Casey stated that she did not agree <br /> with this policy because the Town was not at risk financially and it was increasing <br /> the cost of the environmental impact report to the applicant. <br /> June 5, 1991 <br /> Regular Meeting <br /> 3 <br />