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4.9c Lands of Kolyn Enterprises, 13861 Cicerone Lane, approved request <br /> for a site development permit for a new residence and swimming <br /> pool <br /> 4.9d Lands of Battle, 27472 Altamont Road, approved request for <br /> variances to the setback requirements of the Zoning Code and a <br /> site development permit for a major addition <br /> Items Removed: <br /> 4.1 Approval of Minutes: October 2, 1991 Regular Meeting <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To approve the minutes of the October 2, 1991 Regular <br /> City Council Meeting with the following amendment: page 4, Item 4.6, fifth <br /> paragraph, third sentence should read: "She also agreed with Mrs. Movassate and <br /> her comments about the gate which reflected the heritage of the Zappettinis and the <br /> private road which allowed the name Mojan Court to reflect the Movassate <br /> heritage." <br /> 4.3 Denial of Claim: Gary Lancaster <br /> Casey asked if Mr. Lancaster was present and was advised that he was not. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To deny the claim made by Mr. Gary Lancaster. <br /> 4.6 Award of Contract for Construction of Taaffe Road Improvements -- <br /> 1991 -- Reso # <br /> Hubbard noted that this was to award a contract to a new company and asked if they <br /> were sufficiently bonded. The Director of Public Works stated that they were. Tryon <br /> also recommended that Council closely supervise these plans as this was quite a <br /> complex project. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Hubbard, seconded by Johnson <br /> and passed unanimously by all members present to adopt Resolution #53-91 <br /> awarding contract for construction of Taaffe Road Improvements. <br /> 4.9e Lands of Ben-Artzi, 27800 Via Feliz, approved request for a <br /> site development permit for a new residence, tennis court and <br /> swimming pool <br /> haw October 16, 1991 <br /> 3 <br />