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Bob Owen, applicant's representative, stated that they had redesigned the house <br /> 4110, several times and it was a hardship on his clients if this project was delayed. He <br /> asked Council for consideration of their request to proceed with this project. <br /> Council requested review of the Planning Commission's approval of a request for a <br /> site development permit for a new residence, tennis court and swimming pool for <br /> Lands of Ben-Artzi, 27800 Via Feliz at a public hearing on November 6, 1991. <br /> 5. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR <br /> Ruth Buneman, 12655 LaCresta, addressed the Council on behalf of the Palo Alto <br /> Chapter of the Red Cross and presented a pin to Mayor Hubbard in recognition of <br /> his long-standing contributions to the Red Cross. Mayor Hubbard, on behalf of the <br /> community, thanked the Red Cross for all of their help. <br /> 6. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> 6.1 Request for Certification of a Mitigated Negative Environmental <br /> Declaration, Approval of a Conditional Exception and Approval of a <br /> Tentative Map for a Two-Lot Subdivision, Lands of Merrill, 25355 <br /> La Lorna Drive <br /> The Director of Public Works referred to his staff report dated 10/16/91 which <br /> W' included the recommendations from the Planning Commission that <br /> Council certify the mitigated negative declaration, approve the conditional <br /> exception and approve a two-lot subdivision for Lands of Merrill. Staff <br /> recommended a conditional development permit for regulating <br /> development on Lot A which staff believed was a substantially <br /> constrained lot. The Director of Public Works also distributed revised <br /> wording for condition #6 and a new condition #7 which addressed specific <br /> findings the Planning Commission needed to make before approving any <br /> permit for the lot and which related to what conditions may be imposed <br /> on the lot in order to protect the public health, safety, general welfare and <br /> to secure the objectives set forth in the findings. <br /> Kieth Merrill, applicant, requested that Council approve his subdivision <br /> without the restrictive language of the amended conditions #6 and #7 as <br /> provided by the Director of Public Works. Mr. Merrill did not think it was <br /> necessary to make the buyer of the lot aware of what could be done on the <br /> lot in this manner. There were other methods such as the site <br /> development process. In addition California Law required full disclosure <br /> on the sale of the land and he lived next door and would be easy to find if <br /> there was a problem. He thought the value of the land and the <br /> opportunity to develop were curtailed by the revised condition #6. Mr. <br /> October 16, 1991 <br /> 4 <br />