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kr <br /> 2.1 Cable Television--Status Report from Sun Country Cable <br /> Since John Dolan from Sun Country Cable was not yet present, this item was deferred <br /> to later in the meeting. <br /> 3. REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> Commissioner Stephen Pahl stated that the Planning Commission did not meet on <br /> December 27, 1989. He further commented on the Lands of Ashman which was before <br /> Council at this meeting for a public hearing. He noted that although the Planning <br /> Commission was sympathetic to the Ashman's request, they could not make all of the <br /> findings necessary to grant the variance. Pahl noted that issues were discussed such as <br /> the shape of the house and safety which could possibly be the basis for making the <br /> findings for the variance. <br /> 4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Johnson, seconded by Tryon and <br /> kr passed unanimously to approve the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br /> 4.1 Approval of Minutes: November 15, 1989 Special Meeting <br /> December 14, 1989 Special Meeting <br /> 4.2 Approval of Warrants: $33,555.01 (12/15/89) <br /> 4.3 Approval of Final Map, Lands of Packer/Fairchild -- Resolution #1-90 <br /> 5. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR <br /> 6. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> 6.1 Lands of Raman, 12378 Priscilla Lane, Pathway Dedication <br /> This hearing was continued to the February 7, 1990 Council Meeting. <br /> 6.2 Lands of Ng, 12700 Leander Drive, Site Development Permit <br /> kit This hearing was continued to the February 7, 1990 Council Meeting <br /> January 3, 1990 <br /> 2 <br />