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2. APPOINTMENTS AND PRESENTATIONS <br /> 2.1 Cable Television--Status Report from Sun Country Cable and Any <br /> Response or Other Related Actions Desired by the Council <br /> Lyn Simpson, representing Sun Country Cable, stated that the entire system would be <br /> completed by 10/1/90, the contractor for the building had been hired and the dishes had <br /> been ordered. She also commented on the importance of direct marketing. Other <br /> options included the negative approach which would be for a resident to call Sun if <br /> they did not want someone to come to their home or to send out notices with the <br /> services available and to ask people to call for an appointment. <br /> Council commented that according to the franchise agreement the cable was to have <br /> been in place by 4/21/90; if not, liquidated damages could be obtained. Council also <br /> asked for copies of all mailings done by Sun and also asked Sun for hard numbers of <br /> connections and levels of performance. Tryon suggested that Sun place a message in <br /> the newspaper to the residents of the Town giving them a status report. It was noted <br /> that the headend lease was scheduled for the 5/16/90 Council Meeting. <br /> 3. REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> Commissioner Noel stated that he had nothing to add to the Summary of the Planning <br /> Commission Meeting held on April 11, 1990. Siegel asked for clarification of the Site <br /> Development Meetings held before the Planning Commission Meetings. It appeared to <br /> be disorganized and he wondered who participated in these meetings. <br /> Judy Carico, Planning Commissioner, stated that it was her impression that all <br /> Planning Commissioners 'could' attend and some were not coming to the Site <br /> Development Meetings. <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To state the importance of all Planning Commissioners <br /> attending the Site Development Meetings held prior to the Planning Commission <br /> Meetings. <br /> 4. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> Items Removed: 4.1 -- 3/21/90 minutes (van Tamelen), 4/4/90 Regular Meeting <br /> Minutes (Tryon); 4.2 (Phil Dauber) and 4.3 (City Manager) <br /> April 18, 1990 <br /> 2 <br />