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Minutes of an Adjourned Regular Meeting <br /> October 3, 1990 <br /> Town of Los Altos Hills <br /> City Council Meeting <br /> Wednesday, October 3, 1990, 7:15 P.M. <br /> Council Chambers, 26379 Fremont Road <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL,AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> Mayor Siegel called the Regular Meeting of the City Council to order at 6:04 <br /> p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. <br /> Present: Mayor Siegel, Mayor Pro Tem Hubbard, and Councilmembers <br /> Johnson and Tryon <br /> Absent: Councilmember Casey <br /> Staff: City Manager Thomas Frutchey; City Attorney Sandy Sloan; <br /> Director of Public Works Bill Ekern; and Planning Director Ann <br /> Jamison <br /> Press: None <br /> 2. DISCUSSION REGARDING: HILLTOPS AND RIDGELINES; SMALL LOTS <br /> Discussion addressed initially the objective of the Town's efforts to protect <br /> sensitive sites in Town. Primary reasons include ensuring that development on <br /> prominent sites--sites that are highly visible and that have a disproportionate <br /> impact on defining the Town and creating its overall image--is consistent with the <br /> Town's overall goals, as stated in the General Plan and Code: <br /> "to ensure that the site, location, and configuration of structures are <br /> unobtrusive when viewed from off-site; that scenic views are retained; that <br /> buildings do not dominate the natural landscape; that ridgelines and hilltops <br /> are preserved; and that the siting of structures is consistent with other <br /> provisions of" the Code "concerning grading, drainage, and erosion control." <br /> The pre-eminent importance of creating subdivisions that allow this to happen was <br /> discussed. The Town is now faced with existing lots, on Saddle Court for instance, <br /> that almost prevent houses from being placed anywhere else but on top of a ridge <br /> or hill, in ways that will be difficult to mitigate. <br /> litor <br /> I <br />