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B. CONSENT CALENDAR (continued) : <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Motion made by Tryon, seconded by Casey <br /> and passed unanimously to name the major street 'Via Maria ' and to <br /> name the other smaller street either Maria Court , Maria Lane or Maria <br /> Place subject to the approval of the Fire Department. <br /> Russ Carter , applicant, submitted the following letter to the Council <br /> concerning the condition requiring an agreement with certain of the <br /> neighbors : 'We hereby request that Phase I Final Map, Land of <br /> McCulloch, be approved without our formal agreement dealing with <br /> utilities with the two existing homes . All parties have come to a <br /> basic agreement on what needs to be covered in the agreement . A <br /> complete, legal document will be completed shortly and made available <br /> to the Town for review per Condition 45 . We all feel that this <br /> condition can be met without any hardships to the Town in the second <br /> Final Map. ' This letter was signed by Russ Carter, Dr . Saah and John <br /> Davila. <br /> Dr. Saah, 12000 Stonebrook, concurred with the letter submitted by Mr. <br /> Carter and stated that the agreement would be signed at a later date <br /> after it had been reviewed by the lawyers . <br /> Warren Whaley, applicant, explained that the reference on the map to <br /> PSE meant Public Service Easement. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Casey, seconded by Tryon and <br /> passed unanimously to adopt Resolution #32-89 approving final <br /> subdivision map and approving and authorizing execution of subdivision <br /> agreement for Tract No. 8200 <br /> C. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR: <br /> D. OLD BUSINESS: <br /> 1 . Intercity cooperation in Santa Clara County: Request from <br /> Los Altos Councilmember Penny Lave for Council comments <br /> on the following: <br /> a) Should we, as county cities , work toward consoli- <br /> dating our intercity cooperation efforts into one <br /> organization? <br /> b) Are cities willing to provide financial support, <br /> in the form of dues , to appropriately staff an <br /> organization <br /> Tryon commented on the hisfory of the request before Council . She <br /> noted that this matter had been under discussion for some time and now <br /> the cities were being asked if , in general , they were interested in <br /> -2- 2/21/89 <br />