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ihr <br /> D. OLD BUSINESS: (continued) : <br /> pursuing the formation of such an independent organization. She <br /> commented that there were several organizations , specifically the <br /> Intercity Council , the Intergovernmental Council , the Mayors <br /> Conference , the City Selection Committee and the Peninsula Division of <br /> the League of California Cities . While each group was important, each <br /> one also had its limitations . The proposal before Council would form a <br /> new organization which would focus specifically on the functions and <br /> goals of county cities . <br /> Casey noted that because the Town was so small she would not be <br /> willing, at this time, to commit to funding. She would rather wait <br /> until this proposal had been reviewed by the other county cities. van <br /> Tamelen expressed her concerns about the Mayors ' Conference in that <br /> the Mayors changed so often, there was no continuity. <br /> Gordon Snedigar, Los Altos, stated that he was on the Board of the <br /> Building Industry Association (Southern Division) . While he realized <br /> that they could probably not be official members of such an <br /> independent organization, he noted that they were interested in <br /> providing any information they could so they could work with the <br /> elected officials to arrive at solutions to the problems and concerns <br /> of interest to all . <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To support the group continuing to explore the <br /> formation of an independent organization and to state the Council <br /> would consider funding if the appropriate vehicle were formed. <br /> It was agreed Tryon would prepare a letter stating these comments for <br /> Mayor Lave ' s information and it was further noted that any or all <br /> Councilmembers were welcome to attend the next meeting of this group <br /> which was scheduled for March 2nd. <br /> E. CLOSED SESSION: LITIGATION: Pursuant to Government Code Section <br /> 54957. 8 : <br /> The City Council adjourned to a Closed Session for purposes of <br /> litigation at 5 :40 p.m. and reconvened at 5 : 43 p.m. <br /> F. ADJOURNMENT: <br /> There being no further new or old business to discuss , the City <br /> Council adjourned at 5 : 45 p.m. <br /> Respectfully submitted , <br /> 4 <br /> C Patricia Dowd, City Clerk <br /> -3- 2/21/89 <br />