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B. PRESENTATION TO JOHN SANDERS, RETIRING LOS ALTOS FIRE CHIEF AND <br /> INTRODUCTION OF DOUG DAWSON, INCOMING FIRE CHIEF: <br /> Doug Dawson stated that it was an honor and a privilege to be selected <br /> to succeed John Sanders as Fire Chief . He noted that he would strive <br /> to continue to provide the best fire and emergency services to the <br /> Town and he was looking forward to working with the Town <br /> representatives. <br /> C. APPOINTMENT TO ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN AND PROTECTION COMMITTEE: <br /> Casey commented that it had been brought to her attention that the <br /> applicant to the Environmental Design and Protection Committee, Edwina <br /> Comiso, had also expressed an interest in serving on the Town' s <br /> Pathway, Recreation and Parks Committee. Through conversations with <br /> the Chairman of that committee, Dot Shreiner, Casey had been informed <br /> that the Pathways , Recreation and Parks Committee would welcome <br /> additional members who had the time to devote to the many activities <br /> of the committee. At the same time, a letter had been received from <br /> the Chairman of the Environmental Design and Protection Committee, <br /> Theresa McDaniel , recommending that the structure of her committee <br /> remain at the original number. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Casey, seconded by Johnson and <br /> passed unanimously to appoint Edwina Comiso to the Pathways, <br /> Recreation and Parks Committee for a term of two years . <br /> Since several people were present to discuss Item I . 1 - the lease with <br /> the Little League, the Council agreed to move this item forward on the <br /> agenda. <br /> MOTION SECONED AND CARRIED: Moved by Tryon, seconded by Casey and <br /> passed unanimously to continue Items H. 6 & 7 to the Joint Meeting of <br /> the City Council and the Planning Commission. <br /> D. LEASE WITH LOS ALTOS HILLS LITTLE LEAGUE: <br /> The Acting City Manager presented his staff report dated 2/23/89 which <br /> included the recommendations that the Council establish the length of <br /> the lease with the Little League at 3 years and request the Little <br /> League to sign the second addendum to the lease agreement and that the <br /> Council not modify the budget amount for playing field maintenance. <br /> The Acting City Manager noted that the Town had not received a signed <br /> lease from the Little League nor had they received proof of insurance <br /> or a budget. The report included the notation that there appeared to <br /> be a difference of opinion between staff and the Little League as to <br /> the level of maintenance necessary for the adequate use of the fields. <br /> As an increased level of maintanance on the part of the Town would <br /> involve an increase in expenditures , the Acting City Manager <br /> recommended that if Council chose to increase the level of field <br /> [ir maintenance this be reflected in the 1989-90 budget. This would allow <br /> ample opportunity for staff reports on the various costs involved. <br /> 2- 3/1/89 <br />