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lhar <br /> CITY COUNCIL <br /> TOWN OF LOS ALTOS HILLS <br /> 26379 Fremont Road <br /> Los Altos Hills , California <br /> MINUTES OF A SPECIAL MEETING <br /> Wednesday, January 6 , 1988 <br /> cc: Reel 189 , Tr. I , Side I , 001-582 <br /> Mayor Tryon called the Special Meeting of the City Council to order at <br /> 4 :00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall . <br /> A. ROLL CALL AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: <br /> Present: Mayor Tryon and Councilmembers Dronker, Plummer, Siegel <br /> and van Tamelen <br /> Absent: None <br /> Staff: City Manager George Scarborough, City Attorney Frank <br /> Gillio and City Clerk Pat Dowd <br /> B. CABLE TV STUDY SESSION: <br /> The City Manager presented his report dated 1/6/88 (on file at Town <br /> Hall ) which addressed, in part, the issues of underground <br /> construction, access television and franchise fees. Council also had <br /> before them a letter dated 12/ 3/ 87 from Sun Country Cable which noted <br /> support of one of the following options if the Town approved the <br /> franchise agreement that had been negotiated: 1) Cost Sharing Formula <br /> or 2) Utility-Type Assessment. <br /> Before Council addressed the reports before them, van Tamelen inquired <br /> about the problem of pedestals as recently experienced in Palo Alto. <br /> John Dolan, Sun Country Cable, stated it was their intent to put <br /> concrete vaults underground, although about a half dozen pieces of <br /> equipment would have to go above ground. <br /> Plummer expressed serious concerns about the ' negotiations ' with Sun <br /> Country Cable. The gap was growing in the increased costs of <br /> undergrounding. He stated that he was inclined to go back to the <br /> market and see what options were available. Plummer did not feel that <br /> Sun was bargaining in bad faith but rather as a monopolist. He <br /> suggested that the Council avail themselves of outside expertise and <br /> present the original proposal made to other companies. Plummer stated <br /> that he felt strongly enough about this that whatever the Council ' s <br /> action he would present the proposal to other companies himself. He <br /> `r' <br />