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B. CABLE TV STUDY SESSION: (continued) : <br /> further stated that it was extremely naive of the Council to enter <br /> into an agreement now and at a later time intend to reach an agreement <br /> concerning undergrounding. Plummer noted that in his opinion it was <br /> imprudent of Council to take action on this issue at this time . <br /> Dronkert strongly supported access tv; she thought there should be <br /> some community value to cable tv in the Town. She further stated that <br /> she did not concur with subsidizing undergrounding from the franchise <br /> fees . <br /> Tryon stated that she thoght that it was important that 85% of the <br /> Town could be cabled and/she did not think that Sun' s proposal should <br /> be rejected because they were not willing to fund it. The Mayor <br /> suggested a draft agreement and/or letter of intent be prepared with <br /> Sun Country Cable. She noted that cable tv was not a major obligation <br /> to of the Town. Rather it was between the residents and the cable company <br /> with the Town as the facilitator. The actual use of franchise fees <br /> could be worked out later. *to provide fore assistance for the unfergrourxl area. <br /> (ANIISIDED BY ODUNCIL 1/20/88) <br /> Siegel commented that he thought it was the Town ' s responsibility to <br /> cable as much of the Town as possible. Then if the residents turned it <br /> down, it was their decision. He also noted that he was not as <br /> concerned about the issue of access tv now; that could be achieved at <br /> ` a later time. <br /> ir van Tamelen stated her strong support of access tv, noting it was a <br /> good way of drawing the community together. She also noted that she <br /> was not willing to give up access tv for undergrounding. <br /> Mr. David Kinley, President - Sun Country, commented that he was <br /> surprised at the comments made on the figures presented in his <br /> 12/31/87 letter. He thought they were valid and consistent with the <br /> original proposal they had made to the Town. In fact the figure <br /> originally presented for undergrounding had decreased while the figure <br /> for aerial cable had slightly increased due to additional information. <br /> Lyn Simpson, Sun Country Cable, noted that they believed the figures <br /> presented to Council were valid and while they were willing to bargain <br /> in good faith, it was not good business to go beyond a certain point. <br /> It was in their interest to serve as many residents as possible and <br /> they intended to continue building underground cable even after the <br /> project was started. <br /> George Beers, Foothill College, noted that presently it was proposed <br /> to put the head-end at Foothill College. However, if access tv were <br /> not available, the College would not be interested in having this take <br /> place. Therefore, the issue of access tv should be addressed. In <br /> 0 <br /> 2- 1/6/88 <br />