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B. CABLE TV STUDY SESSION: <br /> Nkr <br /> response to a question on the impact on access tv if it were not <br /> funded, Mr. Beers noted that it would be difficult to continue to <br /> p..,ytdd*access tv to Los Altos Hills residents with funding from the <br /> college. He would like to see some kind of an agreement regarding <br /> franchise fees which would detail when and how many funds would be <br /> available. *allay participation in (AMENDED BY COUNCIL 1/20/88) <br /> The City Manager noted that it was his understanding that there was <br /> general Council consensus on the following: 1) importance of access <br /> tv; 2) interest in funding undergrounding to the extent possible; and <br /> 3) a willingness to borrow funds from the General Fund regarding <br /> future franchise fees . <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To schedule a study session on the issue of cable <br /> tv for 4 : 00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 20 , 1988 and to request that <br /> both Sun Country Cable and the City Manager, after review of the <br /> Council ' s comments, present at the study session further statements of <br /> the positions and options available regarding cable tv in the Town. <br /> C. ADJOURNMENT: <br /> There being no further new or old business to discuss, the City <br /> Council adjourned at 5 : 55 p.m. <br /> IOW <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> Patricia Dowd, City Clerk <br /> 3- 1/6/88 <br />