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E. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR: <br /> Betsy Bertram, 11854 Page Mill Road, commented that she understood <br /> Council had given permission to the Peninsula French American School <br /> to hold a party at Westwind Barn in the spring. As a former member of <br /> the Board of Westwind, Mrs. Bertram stated that she did not think this <br /> was appropriate action. The Board had not been advised of this <br /> request or approval and the event itself did not comply with the <br /> conditional use permit for the barn or the ordinances of the Town. The <br /> City Manager noted that there had been some miscommunication which <br /> would be corrected. The School had been advised that the Council <br /> approved of the event if the Board of Westwind Barn concurred that <br /> they wanted to do it. It was understood that the School was to contact <br /> the Barn directly. Another letter would be sent to the School <br /> clarifying the situation. Mrs . Bertram suggested that Council agendize <br /> the review and definition of requests from outside organizations for <br /> use of facilities within the Town. <br /> Dr. Howard Martin, 11666 Dawson Drive, presented pictures and <br /> newspaper articles to the Council giving them an update of the <br /> situation with the Neary Quarry and Hale Creek. Dr. Martin wanted to <br /> call the Council ' s attention to the fact that Hale Creek was now <br /> completely dry. Council thanked Dr. Martin for his report and noted <br /> that the documents would be kept on file at Town Hall . <br /> 4111/ F. REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMISSION: <br /> Planning Caanissioner Stutz reported that the following items were <br /> discussed at the 12/30/87 Commission meeting: 1) Lands of Wong, File <br /> Var #15-87 - continued; 2) Lands of Pao, File VAR #32-87 - approved; <br /> 3) Lands of Eyvazov, Lot #30 - Dawson Drive and Lands of Collinson, <br /> 27500 Edgerton Road -- both applications denied. The draft housing <br /> element was also discussed and the Commission recommended that the <br /> Council adopt the Housing Element as revised and amended by the <br /> Commission during the public hearing. <br /> G. PUBLIC HEARINGS: <br /> 1. LANDS OF VIDINSKY, 24250 Hillview Road, appeal of Planning <br /> Commission ' s decision to request right-of-way dedication <br /> (continued from the last meeting) <br /> Council had before than a staff report dated 12/8/87 which included the <br /> recommendation that the request for road right-of-way be maintained. <br /> Mrs . Vidinsky, applicant, referred to the comments she made on this <br /> appeal at the last Council meeting. She reiterated her opinion that <br /> the Town documents stated ' may require ' and urged reason and good <br /> judgment to prevail . Again Mrs. Vidinsky noted that the lots in the <br /> neighborhood were non-conforming and the pathway under discussion <br /> would be only on their lot and would not go any further. <br /> .`: <br /> 3- 1/6/88 <br />