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B. INFORMATION ON MEASURE B: (continued) : <br /> 3 . Measure B permits the construction of housing on the Adobe Creek <br /> Lodge property at a significantly higher density than permitted under <br /> present ordinances . The Adobe Creek Lodge property is known to be an <br /> environmentally sensitive property with numerous constraints to <br /> development. However, since no project application has been submitted <br /> for Town review, staff is unable to analyze the negative environmental <br /> impacts of the development of the property that will be permitted by <br /> Measure B. <br /> 4 . Measure B will allow institutional type social and recreational <br /> activities as accessory uses without the community controls provided <br /> by a use permit. <br /> 5 . Measure B does not limit the number of occupants , guests or group <br /> activities in the development it will permit. <br /> 6 . Section 8 of Measure B provides that if provisions of the Town' s <br /> General Plan or Town ordinances, regulations , or policies are found to <br /> be inconsistent with any provision of Measure B, the provision of <br /> Measure B will govern. <br /> Additionally, staff has a number of concerns over the practical <br /> 41/ difficulties in the implementation of Measure B if it is adopted, <br /> including conflict in legal interpretations . ' <br /> Mayor Tryon then opened the meeting to comments and/or questions from <br /> the audience. <br /> Mr. Stephen Gaither, 26200 Moody Road, asked the City Attorney for an <br /> interpretation concerning whether the Unruh Act would apply to Measure <br /> B. Mr. Gaither also commented that there can be a secondary dwelling <br /> only if there is a primary dwelling on the property and stated that <br /> Measure B called for ' clustered senior housing. He also inquired <br /> whether or not the Council felt it would have the authority to impose <br /> CC&Rs on the property. <br /> Mr. Guy Gugliotta, 25351 Moody Road, supported Mr. Gaither ' s proposal <br /> and asked that the project be considered fairly. He felt that Mr. <br /> Gaither was taking one step at a time and the cost of the units was <br /> not pertinent to the project at this stage. <br /> Mrs . Shari Emling, 11853 Murietta Lane , inquired whether there was any <br /> provision in Measure B for convalescent or extended care for the <br /> residents . Mrs . Emling did not support the concept of approving a free <br /> reign for the project with the details to be worked out at a later <br /> time. <br /> L <br /> -2- 3/25/88 <br />