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CITY COUNCIL <br /> TOWN OF LOS ALTOS HILLS <br /> 26379 Fremont Road <br /> Los Altos Hills, California <br /> MINUTES OF AN ADJOURNED REGULAR MEETING <br /> Wednesday, January 14, 1987 <br /> Mayor van Tamelen called the Adjourned Regular Meeting to order at <br /> 4: 10 p.m. in the Conference Room at Town Hall . All Councilmembers were <br /> present as were the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk. <br /> POLICE PROTECTION STUDY SESSION: <br /> Council discussed the proposal from Los Altos for police protection <br /> and also the proposed JPA with Foothill College. Among the issues <br /> covered were: number of patrol beats, administrative charges, finan- <br /> cial background, level of service and cost effectiveness. <br /> Ruth Buneman, Chairman - Safety Committee, commented that the com- <br /> plaints the committee usually received centered around speeding <br /> L vehicles. Robert Johnson, member - Safety Committee, noted that <br /> people tended to want more service but were not specific about exactly <br /> what that meant. <br /> The Council also discussed the option of an expanded contract with the <br /> Sheriff' s Department (sharing a patrol with one of the contract <br /> cities) and the addition of a community services officer. <br /> Council determined that additional information was needed on this sub- <br /> ject. It was agreed the City Manager would meet with Los Altos for <br /> clarification of several of the points in their proposal and that he <br /> would return to Council with an analysis of all of the options before <br /> the Council . It was considered quite important to decide exactly what <br /> the Town wanted in the area of police protection when discussing the <br /> various choices. It was further agreed another study session would be <br /> scheduled for sometime in March, 1987 to continue the discussion of <br /> police protection. <br /> ADJOURNMENT: <br /> There being no further new or old business to discuss, the City Coun- <br /> cil adjourned at 5:35 p.m. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> Patricia Dowd, City Clerk <br />