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B. CONSENT CALENDAR: (continued) : <br /> d) Resolution #14-87 accepting as completed the work of <br /> construction of Fremont Road Improvements from Edith <br /> Avenue Bridge to Miranda Road, authorizing final pay- <br /> ment concerning such work, and directing the City Clerk <br /> to file notice of completion <br /> C. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR: <br /> D. REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMISSION: <br /> Commissioner Stutz reported that the following actions were taken at <br /> the 2/11/87 Planning Commission meeting: 1) Lands of Serventi, 26884 <br /> Dezahara Way, granted appeal of site development committee ' s decision <br /> regarding right-of-way dedication; 2) Lands of Bellucci , 26220 Moody <br /> Road, recommended denial of conditional use permit for operation of a <br /> non-profit recreation facility on the Adobe Creek Lodge Property, <br /> 1, 750 family licensee members; 3) voted that all overhang unsupported <br /> from the ground be excluded in the definition of development area; 4) <br /> voted that walkways which shall be excluded from developmment area are <br /> specific non-building materials, i.e. , tan bark, pea gravel and wood <br /> chips; 5) voted that a specific date for the Grandfather Clause be <br /> deleted; 6) voted to stay with current minimum development area as set <br /> in Ordinance #305; and 7) Lands of Kjos, 14710 Manuella Road, voted <br /> that the property will not require a conditional use permit for ap- <br /> plication currently on file for spa and deck. <br /> E. PUBLIC HEARINGS : <br /> F. OLD BUSINESS : <br /> 1. Traffic Safety on Robleda Road <br /> The City Manager noted that he had met with Dr. Ignatius earlier that <br /> day to discuss traffic safety on Robleda Road. Dr. Ignatius had ex- <br /> pressed an interest in meeting again with staff to discuss the option <br /> of a guardrail and hoped that it would be at a time when his wife <br /> would be able to attend. A meeting had been scheduled for the week of <br /> February 23 , 1987. <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Siegel , seconded by Plummer and <br /> passed by all members present to continue consideration of this item <br /> to the next Council meeting. <br /> 2 . Request for reconsideration of encroachment permit for <br /> 25231 La Rena Lane - Stephen Jordan <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Tryon, seconded by Siegel and <br /> passed unanimously by all members present to direct the City Attorney <br /> to prepare a new encroachment permit for 25231 La Rena Lane deleting <br /> -2- <br />