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CITY COUNCIL <br /> TOWN OF LOS ALTOS HILLS <br /> 26379 Fremont Road <br /> Los Altos Hills, California <br /> MINUTES OF AN ADJOURNED REGULAR MEETING <br /> Thursday, July 23 , 1987 <br /> Mayor Tryon called the Adjourned Regular Meeting to hold a joint <br /> meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission to order at 4: 00 <br /> p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall . All Councilmembers and <br /> Planning Commissioners were present as were the Town Planner Nancy <br /> Lytle, Planning Consultant Lori Scott and City Clerk Pat Dowd. <br /> STUDY SESSION WITH E. I .P. ASSOCIATES REGARDING REVIEW PROCESS FOR <br /> QUARRY HILLS PROJECT: <br /> Mayor Tryon commented on the format for the joint meeting. After a <br /> brief report by staff on the application process and description of <br /> the project, the applicant would make a presentation on his proposal . <br /> 41111,0 Representatives from E. I .P. would then report on various issues of <br /> concern outlining the work to be done and giving a status report. <br /> The Town Planner outlined the process for the project which included <br /> the following: environmental impact report, general plan amendment, <br /> prezoning, tentative map, urban service area and annexation. The EIR <br /> was the first step which included public hearings held by the Planning <br /> Commission and the City Council and if approved the certification of <br /> said EIR. The Planning Consultant gave an overview of the proposed <br /> tentative map. The property included 358 acres, 255 of which would <br /> remain as open space. The remaining 103 acres would be divided into 80 <br /> lots of at least one acre. The Planning Consultant also commented on <br /> slope density, reduction in road right of way width, road <br /> configuration and proposed increases in allowed maximum development <br /> area and maximum floor area. <br /> John Vidovich, applicant, commented on the project he was proposing <br /> and stated he thought it was a good project for a unique property <br /> which presently included two quarries . He wanted to do a good job and <br /> please the community. For a more detailed explanation of the proposed <br /> plans, Mr. Vidovich introduced his engineer, Ron Simpkins . <br /> Mr. Ron Simpkins , applicant ' s engineer, commented that they were <br /> requesting 80 lots in the project. The neighbor to this property was <br />