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B. CONSENT CALENDAR (CONTINUED) : <br /> 5 . Request from Los Altos Fire Department for Council authorization to <br /> remove fire hazard on certain properties within the Town: letter <br /> from Fire Department dated August 14 , 1987 <br /> Item Removed: Approval of Minutes: August 5, 1987 <br /> MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Dronkert, seconded by van <br /> Tamelen and passed unanimously to approve the minutes of the August 5, <br /> 1987 Council meeting with the following correction: page 11, Item <br /> I .d) , first sentence, second paragraph should read: ' Plans and <br /> proposals for development referred by outside agencies to the Planning <br /> Department for comment will be presented to the Planning Commission <br /> for the Commission ' s comments , with copies to the City Council . ' <br /> I <br /> C. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR: <br /> D. REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMISSION: <br /> Commissioner Patmore reported that the following issues were discussed <br /> at the 8/12/87 Planning Commission Meeting: 1) R-1-A Zoning Ordinance <br /> - Commission voted to not recommend approval of the R-1-A Zoning <br /> Ordinance but to keep it on the Planning Commission' s work program; 2) <br /> recommended adoption of the vesting tentative map ordinance; 3) <br /> requested approval for seven reservations for the Planning <br />' kir Commissioner ' s Institute (9/26/87 - San Francisco) ; and 4) Site <br /> Development Committee' s denial of fence request for Lands of Kratz on <br /> Via Ventana; letter from Commissioner Kaufman to City Manager with <br /> background and recommendation. <br /> E. PUBLIC HEARING: <br /> 1. LANDS OF ZUBILLER, FILE VAR #7-86 , 11685 Jessica Lane (continued at <br /> request of applicant) <br /> F. OLD BUSINESS: <br /> 1. Consideration of a nuisance complaint involving barbed wire at <br /> 11800 Page Mill Road <br /> Council had before them the City Manager ' s report dated 7/30/87 which <br /> included the staff finding that the barbed wire fence at 11800 Page <br /> Mill Road did not constitute a nuisance. Council also had the <br /> complaint filed by Mr. Bertram on this matter. Council noted and <br /> questioned the format of the complaint in that it included five items <br /> of concern to the Bertrams . The City Manager responded that four of <br /> the five items were zoning violations and were being addressed by <br /> staff separately. <br /> -2- 8/19/87 <br />