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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - February 5, 1986 <br /> C. PRESENPATICHS FROM THE FLOOR: <br /> Bea Brown, 485 Aspen Way, Ins Altos and Cherie Ignatius, 12871 Atherton Court, <br /> members of the League of Wren Voters, addressed the Council concerning the <br /> League's position on Space-Age Defense. They referred to a pamphlet prepared <br /> by the League on this subject with particular emphasis on the League's position <br /> that the the Strategic Defense Initiative was a dangerous proposition. They <br /> noted that their comments were informational and thanked the Council for the <br /> opportunity to address the subject. <br /> D. REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMISSION: <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To transmit the Site Development Ordinance to Santa Clara <br /> County and to request that the County be aware of the Town's regulations when <br /> examining projects in the 'Ibwn's sphere of influence. <br /> E. PUBLIC HEARINGS: <br /> 1. LANDS OF RICK BELL, BUILDERS, INC., 27911 Black Mountain Road, request for <br /> a special land use permit to allow construction of a new residence having <br /> a height in excess of fifteen feet. <br /> The Staff Planner referred to her 1/30186 report which noted that the Site Develop- <br /> ment Committee recommended approval of the special land use permit for Lands of Rick <br /> Bell laced on the project's conformancewith the guidelines of Ordinance #295. The <br /> staff report further noted that a redesign of the driveway had been submitted as a <br /> oordition of the site development permit for the new residence. <br /> r hr Mr. Rick Bell, applicant, presented a brief background on the development plans for <br /> the property and noted that the purchasers of the property, Mr. and Mrs. Roger <br />• Burnell, were present. <br /> Mr. Roger Burnell, purchaser of lot, explained the redesign of the driveway. They <br /> needed to work around the trees and wanted to avoid visual impact both to the ILant <br /> of the house and to their neighbors on the side. They felt it was a good solution <br /> to the problem and one that worked. <br /> Allison oomented that while he felt Mr. Bell had done a good job on the house <br /> design, he had concerns about the driveway. Council also advised the applicant <br /> that they were practically at the limit of their development area and the applicant <br /> noted that they were aware of this. <br /> NOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by FUhrnnn, seconded by Dronkert and passed by <br /> the following roll call vote to grant a special lard use permit for the Lands of <br /> Rick Bell based on the project's conformance with the guidelines for Ordinance #295. <br /> AYES: Mayor Dronkert and Councih,wnher Fthrman <br /> NOES: Councilnuter Allison <br /> ABSENT: Councilmembers Rydell and van Tamelen <br /> -2- <br />