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CITY COUNCIL MINUSES - May 7, 1986 <br />([, B. CONSEW CALMVAR: Item 3 - Resolutions for Adoption (continued): <br />M f) Resolution #55-86 authorizing and designating officers of the City of <br />the Town of Ins Altos Hills to sign and endorse checks, warrants and <br />other instruments <br />4 <br />g) Resolution #56-86 endorsing Proposition 46, Property Tax Limitation <br />h) Resolution #57-86 endorsing Proposition 47, Financing Local Goverrn t <br />i) Resolution #58-86 endorsing Proposition 49, Non -Partisan Offices <br />j) Resolution #59-86 endorsing the "Fair Responsibility Act of 1986" <br />Proposition 51 Initiative Measure <br />k) Resolution #60-86 approving the application for local assistance grant <br />from the Roberti-Z'berg Harris Urban Open -Space and Recreation Program, <br />and authorizing the filing thereof <br />1) Resolution #61-86 approving and authorizing execution of assumption and <br />assignment agreement between the City of the Tann of Los Altos Hills and <br />Yoab Y. George and Jajiba S. George and Charles T. Kao and Savina J. Rao, <br />and ordering recordation thereof (loan assumption - Lot #16 - Matadero Creek) <br />Commissioner Gottlieb reported that the following matters were discussed at the <br />4/23/86 Conudssion Meeting: 1) Lands of Accola - a preliminary review of the <br />proposed new residence on Sherlock Road. The Site Developnent Applicatin for this <br />project will go before the full Planning Cmmission for reccmendation at a later <br />date.; 2) Study Session on Zoning Ordinance Amendments and Design Review Process - <br />design review will not be discussed further at this tire; after the zoning ordinance <br />amendments and site development ordinance changes are in place the matter of design <br />review will be agendized.; and 3) the procedures for Site Development Cm¢mittee <br />Meetings were reviewed. <br />E. PUBLIC BFARINGS: <br />1. LVMS OF NAKAIIMA, Int #10, Horseshoe lane, request for a special land use <br />permit to allow construction of a new residence having a height in excess <br />of fifteen feet <br />The Tbwn Planner referred to her staff report dated 5/1/86 which included the <br />Site Development Cmndttee's reoomnendation that a special land use permit be <br />granted based on the project's substantial ocnformance with the guidelines for <br />Ordinance #295, based on the modifications to the driveway wbidh resulted in less <br />alteration to the natural terrain, and based. on the reduction of the upper and lower <br />square footage of the Muse which resulted in decreased bulkiness. <br />CRM <br />