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CITY CDLWII, MMYIES - May 7, 1986 <br />E. KWIC HEARINGS: Item 1. Lands of Nakajima (continued) : <br />Mr. Nakajima, applicant, cammnted on his proposed plans, noted he was available <br />to answer any questions Council may have and reported that they were considering <br />various fire retardant materials for the roof. <br />NOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Tryon, seconded by Dronkert and passed unani- <br />mously by all mnbers present to grant a special lard use permit for Lands of <br />Nakajima based on the project's substantial conformance with the guidelines for <br />Ordinance #295. <br />2. IANDS OF NOY, 11672 Dawson Drive, request for a special lard use permit to <br />allow construction of a new residence having a height in excess of fifteen feet <br />The Torun Planner referred to her staff report dated 5/1/86 which included the <br />Site Development Cmnittee's recomrerdation that a special lard use permit be <br />granted based on the project's conformance with the guidelines for Ordinance #300 <br />and based on the modifications to the roof height and additional arbors. <br />Mr. Harm Ewxzian, 11670 Dawson Drive, and Dr. and Mrs. Howard Martin, 11666 <br />Dawson Drive,saiit—z�il. wrtn theirconcerns t�(arnage vme. <br />Mr. Ki&zran was also concerned that the proposed residence blend in with the <br />neighborhood and Dr. Martin expressed concern with the five separate roof lines. <br />In his opinion this created a owmplex appearance. <br />Mr. Steve Johnston, applicant's architect, explained the drainage issue and haw <br />they planned to address this concern. Mr. Johnston also discussed the proposed <br />style of the house, explained the roof line which was chosen to avoid the appearance <br />of one large structure, and noted that landscaping was proposed which would <br />mitigate the visual impact of the residence. <br />Dr. Howard Martin, 11666 Dawson Drive, stated that after seeing Mr. Johnston's model <br />ot tfte resr erne and hearing the discussion of the proposed plans, he retracted his <br />comments about the roof line. He now felt this would blend in quite nicely with the <br />neighborhood. <br />MYPION SECONDED AND CARRIID: Moved by Drunkest, seconded by Tryon and passed unani- <br />mously by all nenbers present to grant a special lard use permit for lands of <br />Noy basal on the project's conformance with the guidelines for Ordinance #300. <br />F. OID BUSINESS: <br />1. Ordinance #301 of the City of the Tuan of Ins Altos Hills adding Sections <br />8-6.07 and 8-6.08 to Chapter 6 entitled "Signs and Advertising Structures" <br />of Title 8 of the Ins Altos Hills Municipal Code concerning the posting and <br />removal of election signs, and repealing Sections 5-1.21 and 5-1.22 (SECOND <br />READING) <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To approve the following typographical corrections to the <br />ordinance: first page, (a) - semicolon should be after 'erecta]'; (4) should read - <br />'On any City sign, including, but not limited to, traffic signs. <br />-3- <br />