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c) Resolution #67-86 setting the time and place of public <br />hearing on an application for a special land use <br />permit (Lands of Binder, 25320 La Loma Drive - major <br />addition) <br />d) Resolution #68-86 ordering the performance of certain <br />work (Conejo Court Reconstruction and Viscaino Court <br />Reconstruction) <br />e) Resolution #69-86 ordering the performance of certain <br />work (E1 Monte Road Median Guardrail) <br />f) Resolution #70-86 endorsing the proposed traffic con- <br />trol device inventory project <br />5. Statement of support for AB3324 - Assembly Bill prohibiting <br />sale of any leaf blower which creates a noise level exceeding <br />65 decibels <br />6. Approval of settlement concerning Brodhead Steel and Modern <br />Alloy litigation - Edith Avenue Bridge Contract <br />C. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR: <br />D. REPORT FROM THE PLANNING COMMISSION: <br />Commissioner Carico reported that the following were approved at the <br />04W 5/14/86 Commission Meeting: Lands of Wong, 13456 Mandoli Drive - Site <br />Development Permit for satellite antenna; Lands of Borrall, 27800 Cen- <br />tral Drive - conditional use permit for secondary dwelling; Lands of <br />Owlwood Farms, 24970 O'Keefe - annual review, conditional use permit. <br />Lands of Prodromou, 14975 Page Mill Road, were discussed for the pre- <br />liminary review of the siting of the proposed secondary dwelling unit. <br />The preliminary review of the proposed tentative map for Lands of <br />Bellucci was withdrawn by the applicant. In conclusion, Commissioner <br />Carico reported that the election of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the <br />Commissioner was postponed until after the June appointments to the <br />Commission. <br />E. PUBLIC HEARINGS: <br />1. LANDS OF PALMER, 27680 Saddle Court, request for a special <br />land use permit to allow construction of a new residence <br />having a height in excess of fifteen feet <br />The Engineering Technician referred to the Planner's staff report <br />dated 5/14/86 which noted that the Site Development Committee <br />recommended approval of the special land use permit based on the <br />project's conformance with the guidelines for Ordinance #300. <br />Mr. Palmer, applicant, commented that the driveway had been redesigned <br />to comply with the fire department's code. He also noted that Council <br />iW recommended the use of fire retardant roofing. <br />-2- <br />