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-3- <br />Walter Chapman, applicant's designer, and Dr. Binder, applicant, <br />addressed the Council regarding the roofing materials to be used on <br />the project. Dr. Binder stated that while they were not planning to <br />use fireretardant materials, they would certainly look into the <br />options available to them in that area. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by van Tamelen, seconded by Tryon <br />and passed by the following roll call vote to grant a special land use <br />permit for the Lands of Binder based on the project's conformance with <br />the guidelines for Ordinance #295 and to recommend to the applicant <br />that he meet and discuss with staff the option of fire retardant <br />roofing materials for his project. <br />AYES: Mayor Fuhrman and Councilmembers Tryon and van Tamelen <br />NOES: Councilmember Dronkert <br />ABSENT: Mayor Pro Tem Rydell <br />Dronkert stated that she voted negatively on this project as she <br />strongly felt that residents were responsible for themselves and their <br />neighbors in the area of using fire retardant measures <br />3. LANDS OF WONG, IOT #40, Dawson Drive, request for a special <br />land use permit to allow construction of a new residence having a <br />height in excess of fifteen feet <br />The Town Planner presented her report dated 5/29/86 which noted that <br />the Site Development Committee did not make a recommendation on this <br />proposed project as the design exceeded the guidelines concerning <br />maximum floor area and maximum development area. However, the <br />committee did note that the project was well-designed and suggested <br />that perhaps the minimum floor area allowance in the guidelines might <br />be too restrictive. <br />Mr. Ray Cobb, applicant's architect, commented that they wanted to <br />design a home that would be a credit to the community. The steep slope <br />of the lot and the numerous trees resulted in the siting of the house <br />in a certain location. However, it was an appropriate mediterranean <br />style and was one of the smaller homes in the neighborhood. <br />Mr. Winston Wong, applicant, commented that design of the home had <br />been done to meet the basic needs for his family and he did not feel <br />it had been excessively done. <br />Dr. Howard Martin, 11666 Dawson Drive, and Harry Emerzian, 11670 <br />Dawson Drive, addressed the Council with their concerns about the <br />drainage from the proposed project. They each related their past <br />experiences in the neighborhood regarding drainage and wanted to be <br />quite certain that the issue had been addressed in the project before <br />Council. Dr. Martin offered to deed an easement through his property <br />to the Town to alleviate the drainage problem and it was agreed that <br />staff would meet with Dr. Martin and Mr. Wong at a later time to <br />discuss this offer. <br />-3- <br />