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CITY COUNCIL <br />TOM OF LOS ALTOS HILTS <br />26379 Fremont Road <br />Los Altos Hills, California <br />� • • � • •� i•� • ar is � <br />Mornay, June 9, 1986 <br />co: Reel 178, Tr. I, Side II, 554-910 <br />Mayor Fuhrman called the Adjourned Regular Meeting of the City Council to order <br />at 2:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Tan Hall. <br />•,• n air • « <br />Present: Mayor Fuh� and Councilmenbers Dxonkert, Tryon and van Tanel.en <br />Absent: Mayor Pro Tan Rydell <br />Staff: City Manager George Scarborough, Assistant City Attorney Susan <br />St. Clair, City Engineer Michael Enright and City Clerk Pat Dowd <br />Press: Shannon Rasmussen, Peninsula Times Trilxme <br />B. PUBLIC BEARING: <br />1. Resolution 9 declaring that the public interest and necessity <br />i require the acquisition of certain interests in properties located <br />in the vicinity of Fremont Road (S -Curve Project - Lands of Miller, <br />Fremont Road - eminent domain) <br />Council had before then the City Engineer's report dated 5/29/86 which outlined <br />the reasons for acquisition of right-of-way from the Lards of Miller. In part, <br />the report states that a portion of the proposed retaining wall would extend <br />outside of the existing right-of-way, the existing utility poles will have to <br />be relocated, and it would be difficult for adequate construction access to <br />the job unless the Miller's right-of-way could be used. <br />The Assistant City Attorney ted that at this time the Council should <br />receive testimony and documentation as to whether the public interest and <br />necessity require the acquisition of the interests in real property from the <br />Lands of Miller, whether the project as planned will be copatible with the <br />greatest public good and least private injury, and whether the property interests <br />sought to be acquired are necessary for the construction of the Fremont Road <br />Project. <br />Mr. Anthony Lagorio, attorney for Mr. and Mrs. Miller, addressed the Council <br />with e o cuing concerns: drainage, emsron, sound wall and landscaping. <br />Each of these matters were of great concern to his clients and he particularly <br />asked that staff carefully look into the drainage and erosion issues. <br />Mr. Miller, 25561 Fremont Road, aamnented that originally the area under dis- <br />cussion was supposed to be a path only. However, it was not built to specifica- <br />tions nor maintained by the Town. The drainage problem as well as the noise <br />and safety problems were ongoing concerns and in the case of the drainage matter, <br />a costly issue. The trees along the S -Curve, which would be removed with this <br />project, protected their borne not only from noise but from the possibility of <br />out -of -control vehicles. In particular, Mr. Miller stated that he had had an <br />