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CITY COUNCIL MM= - July 2, 1986 <br />C. PRESENTATIONS FRAM THE FLOOR: <br />Mr. Butler, 14142 Liddicoat, and his representative Mr. Chester Stoner, San <br />Carlos, addressed the Council concerning the final on the home on Liddicoat. <br />Mr. Butler stated that as requested they had landscaping plans drawn <br />up; however, as they were not prepared on plot plans, they were inaccurate. <br />Although the landscaping was 60% completed and had been in progress while <br />the building was going on to mitigate the impact on the neighbors, he had been <br />informed by staff that the plans were incomplete and a final on the project <br />could not be given. Mr. Stoner, on behalf of Mr. Butler, noted that they had <br />made every effort to coaply with the Town's requirements and he hoped Council <br />would consider approving temporary hook-up of utilities so his client could <br />prove into his home. <br />MYPION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Tryon, seconded by Dronkert and passed <br />unanimously by all members present to allow temporary look -up of utilities at <br />14142 Liddicoat, due to the special circumstances of the project and pending <br />completion of the landscaping requirement. <br />D. REPORT FROM THE PLANNING CCtMSSION: <br />Commission Struthers reported the following items were discussed at the 6/25/86 <br />meeting of the Planning Commission: public hearing set for 7/9186 on Lards of <br />Cabak - conditional use permit ; discussionon zoning ordinance amendment related <br />to setback for residential structure lines - referred to City Attorney for comments; <br />and discussion of study session with Council regarding zoning amendments - date to <br />(� be determined. <br />E. PUBLIC B ARINGS: <br />LANDS OF SOBEL, 26066 Duval, request for a special land use permit to <br />allow for an addition subject to Ordinance #300 <br />The Staff Planner referred to her report dated 6/26/86 which included the Site <br />Development Committee's recmmendation that a special land use permit be granted <br />based on the project's conformance with the Guidelines for Ordinance #300. <br />WTION SECDNDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Dxonkert, seconded by van Tamelen and <br />passed unanimously by all msTLers present to grant a special land use permit <br />for the Lands of Sobel based on the project's conformance with the guidelines <br />for Ordinance #300. Council also commented it was Mete ompliance with the <br />ordinance. <br />LANDS OF LIN, 11645 Dawson Drive, request for a special land use permit to <br />allow for a new residence subject to Ordinance #300 <br />The Staff Planner referred to her staff report dated 6/26/86 which noted that the <br />Site Development Camrittee had found they could recommend approval of a special <br />land use permit for this project although the design exceeds the guidelines for <br />maximum floor area and maximum development area. The committee further noted that <br />the project was well designed, and suggested that the minimae floor area allowance <br />in the guidelines nay be too restrictive. <br />-2- <br />