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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - July 2, 1986 <br />E. PUBLIC HEARINGS: Item 2 lards of Lin (continued) <br />�r Mr. Bill Lee, applicant's architect, explained the siting and size of the project. <br />He rated that the locust had been considerably reduced from the original plans <br />and efforts had been made to mitigate visual impact of the project from 280. Mr. <br />Lee further discussed the retaining wall, the colors and the landscaping of the <br />project. <br />Sara Moore, 11649 Dawson Drive, questioned whether this project would impact on <br />her courtyard area. Mr. Lee explained the siting and noted that the project <br />would not affect her property. Mrs. Moore was appreciative of the clarification. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Dronkert, seconded by Tryon and passed <br />by the following roll call vote to grant a special land use permit for Lands <br />of Lin based on the applicant's substantial effort to coaply with the guidelines <br />for Ordinance #300 subject to the submittal of a landscaping plan acceptable <br />to the Site Development Committee and the installation of said landscaping prior <br />to the final of the building permit. <br />AYES: Mayor Pro Tem Rydell and Caunci1nembers Dronkert and Tryon <br />NOES: Council,meaber van Tamelen <br />ABSENT: Mayor Fuhrman <br />van Tamelen stated that in her opinion this was not a lot for a large home <br />and the project was very visible. <br />3. LANDS OF MURPHY/OM N, Old Trace Lane, request for a special land use permit <br />for a new residence subject to Ordinance #300. <br />The Staff Planner referred to her staff report dated 6/26/86 which included the <br />Planning Cmrdssion's recwnnendation that the Council approve a special land <br />use permit for the Lands of Murphy/Owen based on the project's conformance with <br />the guidelines for Ordinance #295. <br />Ken Pastxof, applicant's representative, rated that they were in agreement with <br />the conditions on the project imposed by the Site Development Committee and that <br />a fire hydrant had been installed on the property. Mr. Pastrof further commented <br />they were investigating various types of roofing materials and as yet had not made <br />a final decision. He also stated that they were aware this project was quite <br />close to the maximum of development area allowed. <br />Dronkert expressed her concerns about the amount of development area of this <br />Project and stated that the applicant should be responsible for using fire <br />retardant roofing materials. van Tamelen c mmented that while this project did <br />meet the guidelines, she felt the lot was inadequate for the proposed project. <br />van Tanalen further asked the Planning Commission to look into the possibility <br />of requiring applicants to have extra large lots for extra large projects. Tryon <br />rated that she was pleased to see that the applicant had mined lots to allow <br />for his project rather than limiting the size of the property and pushing the <br />allowable numbers to the maximm m. <br />MOTION SEXI7FIDID AM CARRIED: Moved by Tryon, seconded by van Tamelen and passed <br />L[ unanimously by all members present to grant a special land use permit for the <br />SII Lands of Murphy/Owen based on the project's conformance with the guidelines for <br />Ordinance #295. Council further requested the applicant to use fire retardant <br />roofing materials. <br />I= <br />