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Judy Duque, Los Altos Library Commission, explained the meeting <br />L schedule of the commission and reported on the priority projects <br />\r' before the commission at this time. In particular, funding of li- <br />braries was of importance and to that end the commission was bec- <br />oming more visable by attending meetings at the local county <br />level and also by contacting the legislators. <br />kw <br />Council then voted on the Town's representative to the Library <br />Commission. As it happened, the vote was a tie and it was agreed, <br />as the hour of the Council's regular meeting was approaching, to <br />adjourn the special meeting and to vote again at the beginning of <br />the regular meeting and make the announcement at that time of the <br />representative to the Los Altos Library Commission. <br />C. ADJOURNMENT: <br />There being no further new or old business to discuss, the City <br />Council adjourned at 7:30 p.m. <br />-2- <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />Patricia Dowd, City Clerk <br />