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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - March 6, 1985 <br />B. OONSENr CALENDAR: Item 4 - Resolutions for Adoption - continued: <br />iW b) Resolution #15-85 declaring intention to consider the extension of the <br />existing morathriun upon use of real property for the construction of <br />or conversion of structures in excess of fifteen feet in height, and <br />setting the time and place of hearing thereon. <br />PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FIDOR: none <br />D. REPORTS FROM THE PIANNING COMMISSION: <br />Crnmissioner Siegel reported that at the 2/27/85 Planning Commission meeting the <br />following actions ware taken: 1) LANDS OF IACY, FILE #CUP 6-84 - continued to the <br />next meeting for preparation of conditions of approval for the secondary unit; 2) <br />LANDS OF MACRICAO, FILE #VAR 7-84, Commission approved request for variance <br />(exceeding height limitation by approximately 3 feet) noting that the findings for <br />granting a variance as required by the Code had been met; and 3) LANDS OF FENWICK, <br />FILE TM. #8-84 - Commission recommended approval of Tentative Map and Negative <br />Declaration for two lots on Elena Road, with the notation that the Pathways <br />Committee would make a remmiendation to the Council regarding location of pathways. <br />1. Public Hearings: <br />a) Proposed Use of Revenue Sharing Funds <br />4, The City Manager noted that revenue from the 1984-85 revenue sharing money will <br />total $31,330 and the recommended expenditures for these funds had been budgeted <br />in the 1984-85 budget. <br />M7rION SDOONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Dronkert, seconded by FUhr an and passed <br />unanimously to distribute the 1984-85 revenue sharing funds as follows: <br />Canmumity Services Agency: $ 500 <br />Santa Clara County Library: $ 9,082 <br />los Altos Senior Center: $ 500 <br />Connuuty Health Abuse Council: $ 3,068 <br />Edith Avenue Bridge Project: $18,180 <br />$31,330 <br />b) Preliminary Consideration of a Revised 1984-85 Budget <br />The City Manager noted that two charges were being recommended to the revised <br />budget before Council: 1) the $1,000 expenditure for repair of wiring from the <br />Westwind Barn Fuel back to the General Fund Non -Departmental; and 2) the inclusion <br />of the recently approved Planner position. <br />MATION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Dronkert, seconded by Ekku:man and passed <br />unanimously to direct the City Attorney to prepare a resolution adopting the <br />1984-85 revised budget as amended. <br />-2- <br />