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CITy COUNCIL mEK= - April 3, 1985 <br />CONSENT CALENDAR: Iten 3 - Resolutions for Adoption (continued) : <br />�W e) Resolution #27-85 setting the time and place of a public meeting <br />at which the City Council will consider adoption of a schedule <br />of charges to be paid by owners of residential units within the <br />Altamont Road Storm Drain Basin <br />4. Motions for Adoption: <br />a) Motion setting April 17, 1985 as the Public Hearing Date for Lands <br />of Creekside Court, File TM 11-84, Page Mill Road, request for <br />approval of tentative map and negative declaration (6 lots) <br />b) motion setting April 17, 1985 as the Public Hearing date for Land <br />of Berry Hill, Unit II, File TM #9-84, request for approval of <br />tentative map (7 lots) <br />C. PIMSENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR: none <br />Conmissioner Gottlieb reported that the following actions were taken at the <br />3/27185 Commission Meeting: 1) LANDS OF SHOCKLEY, request for Site Development <br />Permit denied (proposed residence rx)t in conformance with harmorry of the <br />surrounding neighborhood nor with the Scenic Element of the General Plan); 2) <br />LANDS OF OWLWOOD FARM, annual review of conditional use permit approved; 3) <br />LANDS OF FASTWTCK, voted to recommend to the Council revoca tion of the conditional <br />use permit; 4) IoNDS OF BERRY HILL, request for tentative map denied; 5) LANDS OF <br />BELLUCCI, annual review of conditional use permit for a secondary dwelling <br />continued for thirty days for review of additional information; and 6) LANDS OF <br />SAMLIKEENAN, tentative map for lot line adjustment approved. C�ssioner <br />Gottlieb also noted that a discussion was held on the Site Approval Ordinance, <br />specifically on the interpretation of the term 'alteration'. The Commission <br />agreed to the following: Wien +eas <br />E. SPECIAL ORDERS: <br />1. Public Hearings: <br />a) LANDS OF MIFOUWU, Lat #3, Rhoda Drive, request for approval of a <br />Special Land Use Permit to allow a new residence having a height in <br />excess of fifteen feet. <br />The Staff Planner referred to her 3/26/85 report which included the Site Develop- <br />ment Cmmittee's recmynendatim for approval of the proposed resid1tence based upon <br />the project -s consistency with the purposes and policies of the Design Review <br />Criteria for Matadero Creek, and particularly due to the constraint imposed on <br />siting of the house by the septic tank system requiren�nt. <br />*Aiterations referred to in Section 9-2.09(b) will not be exenpted from the <br />parameters of the Site Approval Chapter unless 1) less than 25% of the existing <br />house total floor area is altered or the structure is increased by less than 25% of <br />the existing house or 2) the alterations go through the Site Development process. <br />(AMENDED BY COUNCIL 4/17/85) <br />-2- <br />