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CITY COUNCIL, MI UTES - May 1, 1985 <br />B. CONSENT CALENDAR (continued): <br />LW 3. Resolutions for Adoption (continued): <br />e) Resolution #39-85 approving and authorizing execution of amendment <br />No. 6 to agreement for sewage transportation, treatment and disposal <br />between the City of the Town of Ins Altos Hills and the City of <br />Palo Alto (condition of approval for lands of Creekside Court tentative <br />map) <br />4. Motion for Adoption: <br />a) Motion setting May 15, 1985 as the Public Hearing Date for Lands of <br />Tally Ho Subdivision, File TM #6-B4, 26220 Moody Road, request for <br />approval of negative declaration and tentative map (3 lots) <br />D. REPORT FROM THE PIAMING COMMISSION: (As Commissioner Yanez was late to the <br />meeting, it was agreed, if e had a report from the Ccnmission, to hear it later <br />in the meeting.) <br />L1�7?a:NieiQiS; � z;+73 <br />Public Hearings: <br />a) LANDS OF BERRY HILL, UN17 II, FILE TM. #9-84, request for approval <br />of tentative map (7 lots) <br />The Staff Planner referred to her staff report dated 4/11/85 which noted that <br />the Planning Commission had reopmended denial of the subject tentative map <br />because the subdivision did not propose to delicate road right -of way for <br />Henry Hill Lane in order to bring it into conformance with Section 9-4.703(a) of <br />the Town's Municipal Code. It was also noted that the Commission had reviewed <br />the plans for an eight -lot subdivision, as originally submitted by the applicant <br />but had not seen the applicant's revised tentative map for seven lots which he <br />submitted in January of 1985. <br />Mr. Lorin Nelson. Gerard and TambertTm•, addressed the Council on behalf Of <br />the applicant, Mr. Alan Lambert. Mr. Nelson referred to the conditions of <br />approval as rewmended by staff and dated 4/26/85 and expressed concerns regarding <br />the proposed easement dedications, the proposed locations of the paths particularly <br />at lots 5 and 6, the length of the bike path on Page Mill Road, and the interpre- <br />tation of 'natural grade'. In response to a question from Oouncilmedber van Tamelen <br />as to the possibility of the applicant agreeing to an extension of the consideration <br />of the tentative map so that it could be sent back to the Planning Connission for <br />additional clarification, Mr. Nelson stated that this matter had been under dis- <br />cussion since January 1984 and he would prefer to see it resolved at this Council <br />meeting. <br />Mary Stutz Chairman - Pathways Committee presented a brief background on the <br />Berry Hill Subdivision for Council's information. Mrs. Stutz also noted that she <br />had thought the revised plans for seven lots would go back to the Planning <br />Commission thus providing the Pathways Committee with an opportunity to review the <br />new plans. <br />-2- <br />