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CITY COUNCIL MMUTES - May 1, 1985 <br />E. SPECIAL ORDERS: Item l.a) Lands of Berry Hill, Unit II (continued): <br />MOTION SECONDED ADD CARRIED: Moved by van Tamelen, seconded by Rydell and passed <br />unanimously by all members present to uphold the Planning Commission's recommnda- <br />tion and deny without prejudice the request for approval of tentative map, LANDS <br />OF BEEW HILL, UNIT II, FILE TM. #9-84. <br />b) LANDS OF CHY'YLEY, Doody Springs Court, appeal of Planning Commission's <br />denial of Site Development application <br />Mr. Shockley,applicant, addressed the Council and explained that he had held a <br />meeting on April 25, 1985 with the neighbors to discuss the plans for his project. <br />Mr. Stockley was requesting that this matter be continued to the June 5, 1985 <br />Council Meeting to provide him with the opportunity to bring his new plans back <br />to the Site Development Committee for review. <br />MYPION SECONDED AND CAPP F.n: Moved by van Tamelen, seconded by Fuhrmman and passed <br />unanimously by all members present to continue the public hearing on Lands of <br />Shockley to the June 5, 1985 Council meeting, to refer the new plans for Lands <br />of Stockley to the Site Development Ccnudttee for a report at the June 5, 1985 <br />Council meeting and to the staff for zoning review of plans and to waive any <br />fees required of the applicant concerning this resubmittal. <br />c) LANDS OF WMZ, 23760 Fernhill Road, request for approval of a special <br />land use permit to allow ramdeling of the existing residence in excess <br />of fifteen feet <br />�. The Staff Planner referred to her staff report dated 4/26/85 which noted that the <br />Site Development Committee was unable to assess the full visual impact of the <br />proposed structure upon adjacent and distant properties. It was agreed that the <br />applicant would provide additional information to the Council on this subject. <br />Mr. Richard Wentz, applicant, submitted new colors for the house, as requested <br />by the Site Development Committee. Mr. Wentz in addition commented that when <br />the project was completed and landscaped, there would be visual impact on only <br />one home and he submitted a letter signed by this neighbor and two others stating <br />they had no objections to the remodeling project. To confirm this information, <br />Mr. Wentz presented slides to the Council which portrayed the visual impact on <br />the neighborhood using helium balloons. <br />Mr. William Terry, 25680 Fernhill Drive, was generally in favor of the project <br />but did have the following two comments: 1) the natural landscaping should be <br />preserved; and 2) the color should be considered for visual impact. <br />Mr. William Gieseker, 25703 Lomita Linda, stated that he could see the Wentz home <br />from his house and he felt the slides presented were rather self-serving. He also <br />noted that he had not been advised of the helium balloon experiment. <br />Mr. Ravborn, 25650 Fernhill Drive, agreed that Mr. Gieseker had a view of the <br />Wentz home and he also had not been notified of the balloon experiment. <br />Staff pointed out that the experiment with the helium balloons was conducted to <br />E Provide additional information to the Council at this public hearing. The <br />experinwnt itself did not require the public notification process. <br />-3- <br />