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CITY COUNCIL M11VIES - August 7, 1985 <br />C. CONSENr CALENDAR: (continued) <br />5. Resolutions for Adoption: <br />a) Resolution #96-85 ordering the performance of certain work (sewer line <br />replacement - Page Mill Road west of Matadexo creek) <br />C) Resolution 497-85 setting the time and place of public hearing on an <br />application for a special land use permit (Lands of Peacock) <br />d) Resolution 498-85 setting the time and place of public hearing on an <br />application for a special land use permit (Lards of Riches) <br />D. PRFS]HtMTIONS FROM THE FLUOR: <br />Robert Hall, 12140 Foothill Lane, requested Council to take action on the following <br />two issues: at the corner of Elena and Foothill Lane the storm drain popped open <br />when trucks went over it and created a dangexnus situation; and 2) the pathway <br />which connects Elena and Black Mountain had been closed off by a fence. <br />The City Engineer noted that regarding the second issue there was no dedicated <br />pathway easement on the property and the Pathway Committee had been in contact with <br />the property owner to attempt to resolve this matter. <br />The Council thanked Mr. Hall for his cammernts. They referred his first request to <br />staff for correction and stated that his second request world be reported on at a <br />future meeting and he would receive a notice of the meeting at that time. <br />E. REPOW F'TOM THE PLANNEC CC MISSION: <br />Cmu dssioner Siegel reported that at the 7/24/85 Commission meeting the following <br />actions were taken: approval of Site Approvals for the Lands of Lindsay and the <br />Lards of Hansen; approval of the conditional use permit review for the Lands of <br />St. Nicholas School; and continuation of the corditional use permit review for the <br />Lands of Ford Country Day School. <br />F. SPECIAL ORDERS: <br />1. Public Hearings: <br />a) LANDS OF VAN ECDERIN, Fernhill and Magdalena, request for a special <br />land use permit to allow a new residence having a height in excess of <br />fifteen feet <br />The Assistant Staff Planner presented her staff report dated 7/30/85 which noted <br />that the Site Development Committee reoonuenled approval of the Special Lard Use <br />Permit for the proposed new residence based on the project's conformance with the <br />guidelines for Ordinance #295. <br />Mr. van Elderin, applicant, noted that the plans before Council were slightly <br />misleading in that they had been taken from a side angle. If needed he could <br />clarify the proposed bulk of the project for Council. <br />-2- <br />