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fYuu'LN4k1'QV0 <br />f TOM OF LOS ALTOS HILTS <br />` 26379 Fremont Road <br />Los Altos Hills, California 94022 <br />ynu ���. • uar i e: waa::� <br />Wednesday, August 21, 1985 <br />oc: Reel 169, Tr. II, Side I, 405 -end, Tr. II, Side II, 001 -end <br />Mayor Pro Tem Fuhrman called the Regular Meeting of the City Council to order at <br />7:30 p.m, in the Council Chambers at Tam Hall. <br />V A. ROLL CALL APED FLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: <br />Present: Mayor Pro Ten FuhrnNn and Councilmenbers Allison and van Tamelen <br />Absent: Mayor Dronkert and Councilmenber Rydell <br />Staff: City Manager George Scarborough, City Attorney Frank Gillio, City <br />Engineer Michael Enright, Assistant Staff Planner Lori Scott and <br />City Clerk Pat Dowd <br />Planning <br />Calm: Michael Kuranoff <br />Press: Sara Wykes, San Jose Mercury <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Allison, seconded by van Tamelen and passed <br />unanimously by all members present to approve the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br />1. Approval of Minutes: August 7, 1985 and August 14, 1985 <br />2. Approval of Warrants: $49,721.30 <br />3. Actions of the Planning Comnission: approved the following: <br />a) LANDS OF FORD COUNTRY DAY SCFOOL, FILE COP #321-69, 12335 Stonebrook - <br />review and amendment of conditional use permit <br />4. Actions of the Planning Comdssion: reconneded granting of the following: <br />a) LANDS OF ROSCOE: FILE SA #1-85, lot #26, Adobe Lane - Site Approval <br />5. Resolutions for Adoption: <br />a) Resolution #111-85 accepting certain improvements in connection with <br />the Tokheim-Green Subdivision (now Lands of Walker) <br />b) Resolution #112-85 setting the time and place of public hearing on an <br />application for a special land use permit (Lands of Meyer - 26007 <br />Ibrello Lane) <br />C) Resolution #113-85 setting the time and place of public hearing on an <br />application for a special lard use permit (Lands of Reed - 12998 Robleda) <br />