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fYYY•1f11iIaYVV <br />TOM OF IDS ALTOS HILLS <br />26379 Fremont Iniad <br />Los Altos Hills, California <br />fu �i-�d7�XYH��UWilaYa�7;laHUEd;iuiaarlYiifH <br />Monday, September 23, 1985 <br />cc: Reel 171, Tr. I, Side I, 001-209 <br />Mayor Dronkert called the Adjourned Regular Meeting of the City Council to order at <br />4:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. <br />A. ROLL CAIS,: <br />Present: Mayor Dronkert and Councilmwmbers Fuhrman and Rydell <br />Absent: Councilmenbers Alllison and van Tamelen <br />Staff: City Engineer Michael Enright and City Clerk Pat Dowd <br />Press:. Mike McDevitt, IDs Altos Town Crier <br />B. CONSENT CALENDAR: <br />C. PRESENTATIONS F%Pd THE FSDOR: <br />D. REPORT FRDM THE PLANNING OCMMISSICN: <br />SPECIAL ORDERS: <br />F. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: <br />1. Reports frau Standing Cammi.ttees: <br />a) Pathways Committee - Edith Avenue Bridge <br />Mary Stutz, Chairman - Pathways Committee, reported on several concerns the <br />Pathway Camiittes had regarding the Edith Avenue Bridge. The Committee had <br />conducted a field trip and suggested the following: path could be rerouted <br />through DeAnza Park, telephone pole near Miller's driveway should be moved to <br />fence line, De4nza plaque should be moved back; and the corner roundel out where <br />the fire hydrant is located and the fire hydrant removed. <br />It was agreed this matter would be submitted to the Safety Camittee for review <br />and c mnent and placed on a later Council agenda for action. <br />2. Reports from AA Hoc Co miittees: <br />3. Garments from the Council: <br />a) Dronkert - ABAC response to Council's letter on employment projections <br />It was agreed that no further response was needed on this subject. <br />