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CITY COWCIL MMuTES - Mardi 21, 1984 <br />C. PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR: <br />�Wl Mrs. A-Im Wood, 12151 Stonebrook, addressed the Council on behalf of the <br />Senior Center and asked if there was a possibility the Center could look <br />forward to financial support fran the Council. Mrs. Wood further c�ted <br />that letters of request had been submitted during budget discussions but <br />no action had been taken. The Mayor recanmended that Mrs. Wood resubmit <br />a specific request which included a rationale for funding. It was further <br />noted that on April 4, 1984 a public bearing on proposed uses for revenue <br />sharing funds was scheduled and it nught be appropriate to consider Mrs. <br />Wood's request at that tine. <br />D. SPECIAL ORDERS: <br />Ordinance #287 of the City of the 1k)wn of Los Altos Hills emending Chapter 13 <br />entitled "Hazardous Materials Storage" of Title 4 of the Los Altos Municipal <br />Code (SECOND READD4G) <br />MOTION swoNOED AND cAERIEO: moved by Proft, seconded by Perkms and passed <br />unanimusly by all nxnbers present to waive further reading of Ordiraucc, #287. <br />MOTION SBODNDED AND CARR=: Moved by Proft, seconded by Allison and passed <br />unaii�usly by all menbers present to adopt Ordinance #287. <br />2. ordinance #282 �ding Section 9-5.1110 of Chapter 5 of Title 9 of the <br />Los Altos Hills Municipal Code (concerning procedures for variances and <br />conditional 11se permits) SEOCNO FEADIW3 <br />obw MOTION SEOJNDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Proft, seconded by Perkins and passed <br />unanimusly by all nenbers present to waive further reading of Ordinance #282. <br />YjGrICN SBOOMED AND CARRIED: Moved by Proft, seconded by Perk� and passed <br />unaidnously by all nEubers present to adopt Ordinance� #282. <br />3. Resolution #_approving and authorizing execution of an, agree�ent <br />between the City of the Town of Los Altos Hills and Keyco Engineering <br />Corporation. <br />The City Engineer reported that the contract had been negotiated with Keyco <br />as authorized by the Council. All approvals had been obtained except for <br />approval of the FAU funding agree�ent between San Jose and the Town. Ho%ever, <br />it would be appropriate for Council to approve the contract before them while <br />waiting for the additional approval. <br />MOTION SECONDED X0 CARRIED: Moved by Proft, seconded by Allison and passed <br />unanimously by all nxmbers present to adopt Resolution #20-84 approving and <br />authorizing execution of an ag ree�en t between the City of the Town of Los Altos <br />Hills and Keyco Engineering Corporation. <br />4. Public Hearing: <br />a) LANDS OF LYNCH, 25701 Lomita Linda Lane -- consideration of revocation <br />of encroachment permit granted to Mr. Thomas A. Lynch and Mrs. Patricia <br />04MV j. Lynch <br />The City Manager referred to the staff report dated 3/2/84 which included the <br />infoiination that the encroachment permit, originally approved by the Council <br />-2- <br />