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CITY couNcrL mIN= - march 21, 1984 <br />D. SPBCIAL ORDERS: Item 4a) Lands of Lynch (continued): <br />%W on December 7, 1983, had not been signed by Mr. and Mrs. Lynch. The <br />Lynchs had been advised in writing that the amount of the bond originally <br />stated in the encroachment permit ($3,000) had been reduced to $1,000 with <br />Council's approval. The City Clerk reported that Mr. and Mrs. Lynch and <br />their attorney had been advised in writing that a public hearing was scheduled <br />for 3/21/84 to consider revocation of said encroachment permit. In addition <br />notices had been posted at the three locations for notices within the Tcwn. <br />MOTICU SECCNDED AND WITHDRAWN: Moved by Perkins, seconded by Proft and withdr� <br />to revoke encroachment permit for Lands of Lynch effective April 5, 1984. <br />MWICN SECCNDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Allison, seconded by Proft and passed <br />unanimously by all member present to revoke encroachTent permit for U2W OF <br />LYNCH, 25701 Lanita Linda Lane effective inmediately, based on the Lynchs <br />failure to execute agreement and necessary bond. <br />E. UVINISHED BUSINESS; <br />1. Report on Pathways Committee reports and priority list (continued from last <br />meting) <br />The City Engineer/Planner presented the staff report dated 3/7/84 which <br />included the Path Maint enance List dated 2/15/84 (received from the Pathways <br />ConTnittee), and comments on present procedures and policies relating to path <br />maintenance. <br />Council discussed the list of projects before then and the recamrendations of <br />staff. The Mayor oamended the Pathways C�ttee on their report but also <br />indicated that it had been her impression that these projects, which had been <br />budgeted for, were in the process of being coapleted. Allison asked how much <br />money was available to Complete these projects and how much crew tine was avail- <br />able. In response to a ccomen t from the City Engineer/Planner that the crew <br />spent most of their time from May-Septenber on paths, Allison suggested that <br />50% of the cnew's time be devoted to path maintenance between 3/22/84 and 5/l/84. <br />The possibility of using the work furlough program was mentioned by the Mayor <br />and the City Manager noted that it was a possibility; however, certain issues <br />such as supervision and liability would haw to be addressed. These same ques- <br />tions would have to be answered if volunteers were used. In response to the <br />suggestion by Allison regarding the use of 50% of the crew's time, the City <br />Manager commented that it would be difficult to assign that much time with the <br />crew's other responsibilities. Perkins emphasized that the Town,'s paths were a <br />capital investment which required constant maintenance. Proft �ted that <br />in next year's budget, the paths be established as a priority item and more <br />money be allocated for their maintenance. <br />Louise Dronkert, 27431 Black mountain Road, asked for clarification of the Parks <br />and Pathways Account and was advised that equipment was a separate line item <br />from supplies in that budget account. <br />Perkins asked for a staff memo to be prepared by the next meeting which stated <br />exactly how the $12,000 budgeted for special departmental supplies in the Parks & <br />kw Pathways Account would be allocated. <br />-3- <br />