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CITY COUNCIL <br />TOWN OF IDS ALTOS HILLS <br />26379 Fremont Road <br />Los Altos Hills, California <br />Wednesday, July 18, 1984 <br />cc: Reel 158, Tr. I, Side II, 001 -earl <br />Mayor Allison called the Regular Meeting of the City Council to order at 7:30 p.m. <br />in the Council Chambers at Tom Hall. <br />A. ROLL CALL AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: <br />Present: Mayor Allison and COuncilnxmibers Dronkert, FUhnnan, Rydell and van Tamelen <br />Absent: None <br />Staff: Acting City Manager/Engineer Gordon Miller, City Attorney Frank Gillio, <br />Staff Planner Nancy Lytle and City Clerk Pat Dowd <br />Planning <br />Come: Judith Carico <br />Press: Florence Pallakoff, Los Altos Town Crier <br />Items Removed: B.1 — June 20, 1984, June 27, 1984 and July 5, 1984 minutes <br />(van Tamelen) <br />MOTION SBOONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Dronkert, seconded by Fuhrman and passed <br />unanimersly to approve the balance of the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br />1. Approval of Minutes: June 30, 1984 and July 2, 1984 <br />2. Approval of Warrants: $100, 548.47 (*see page 7) <br />Pli7F���iPidYF(i�•�y:-rar�:ia�,Yr,�i);�'. - <br />1. Ordinance # emending Title 6 of the Ins Altos Hills Municipal Code <br />entitled "Sanitation and Health" by adding thereto Chapter 5 entitled <br />"Mosquito Abatement" (FIRST READING) - continued from 6/20/84 meeting <br />Mr. Alexander Traficanti, Member - Pollution Control Cefmitte:e, explained to <br />Council - the proposed ordinance they had before then including the three new <br />sections on waiver and consent, certification of drainage and authority for <br />emergency abatenent. In addition Mr. Traficanti clarified the sections on <br />failure to abate nuisance and certification of drainage. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Phved by van Tamelen, seconded by Rydell and passed <br />unanimously to add the following three sections to the proposed ordinance as <br />prepared by the City Attorney: authority for emergency abatement, waiver and <br />consent and certification of drainage. <br />