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rar.�r.uvr�e <br />T9% OF LOS ALTOS HILLS <br />26379 Fremont Road <br />Los Altos Hills, California <br />MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING <br />Wednesday, December 19, 1934 <br />cc: Reel 161, Side I, Tract I, 000- END <br />Mayor Allison called the Regular Meeting of the City Council to order at 7:30 P.M. <br />in the Council Chambers at Toon Hall. <br />A. ROLL CALL AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: <br />present: Mayor Allison and ColnciLTembers Dronkert, Fuhrman, Rydell and van Tamelen <br />Absent: None <br />Staff: City Manager George Scarborough; City Attorney Frank Gillio; City <br />Engineer Michael Enright; Deputy City Clerk Leslie Mullins <br />Planning <br />Cum: Jean Struthers <br />Press: Peter McCormick, San Jose Mercury <br />B. CONSENT CALENDAR: <br />MDFICN SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by van Tamelen, Seconded by Dronkert <br />and passed unanimously to approve the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br />1. Approval of Minutes: December 5, 1984 <br />2. Approval of Warrants: $95,465.27 <br />3. Mtion for Adoption: Notion setting January 16, 1985 as the Public <br />Hearing date for the Tbntative Map application for LANDS OF KAVA, FILE TM#4-82 <br />4. Resolution for Adoption: <br />a) Resolution # 100-84 accepting easement deed and ordering recordation <br />thereof, (11839 -Hilltop Drive) <br />C. PRESENTATICNS FROM THE FLOOR: <br />1. Mr. Walter Chapman, 620 S. E1 N®nte Avenue, Los Altos, Requested Council <br />for an exception to the Landscape Policy Procedure, noting his client, <br />Mr. & Mrs. Araj have submitted a landscape plan for approval in order to <br />obtain a final inspection for occupany, however, it has not yet been <br />scheduled for site development committee. Mr. Chapman indicated the Arajs' <br />have family coming from Saudia Arabia for the holidays and would very match <br />like to be moved into their new residence. <br />Councilwoman Ribr= asked if the applicant would be willing to post a <br />bond with the Tbm in the amount of $10,000.00? <br />Mr. Araj indicated yes he would post a bond if that is what would he necessary <br />for occupany before the holidays. <br />