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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - January 5, 1983 <br />B. CONSENT CALENDAR: <br />Items Removed: B.1 - 12/28/82 minutes (van Tamelen); B.2 (resident) and <br />B.3.b) (van Tamelen) <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Hillestad, seconded by Proft and passed <br />unanitmusly to approve the balance of the Consent Calendar, specifically: <br />1. Approval of Minutes: December 22, 1982 <br />3. Actions of Planning Connission, recommended granting approval of the <br />following Site Approval: <br />a) Lands of Roth, File SA #2-82 <br />4. Resolutions for Adoption: <br />a) Resolution #1518 approving and authorizing execution of a private <br />driveway maintenance agreement between Jeffrey and Vivian Widman, <br />1980 Living Trust, and the City of the Term of Los Altos Hills <br />b) Resolution #1519 approving Lot Line Adjustment, Lands of Fegtly <br />1. Approval of Minutes: December 28, 1982 <br />van Tamelen noted that under Item B, the ,nimmm reconveyance figure should be <br />$100,000 rather than $150,000. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Proft, seconded by Perkins and passed by <br />the following roll call vote to approve the minutes of December 28, 1982 as <br />amended. <br />AYES: Mayor Perkins and Councilmmbers Allison, Proft and van Tamelen <br />NOES: None <br />ABSTAIN: Ccuncilwcman Hillestad <br />2. Approval of Warrants: $31,356.16 <br />Alma Wood, 12151 Stomebrook, requested an explanation of warrant #8987 ($1147.20 <br />or radio agreement - tvu months). It was noted that this was a lease/purchase <br />agreement. Allison commented that there were several questions regarding this <br />matter and asked that it be agendized for the next Council meting. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Allison, seconded by Hillestad and passed <br />unanimously to approve the warrants: $31,356.16. <br />Y' -2- <br />