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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - February 16, 1983 <br />[[ C. SPECIAL REPORTS: (continued) <br />�r 4. Presentations from the Floor: <br />Alma NUod 12151 Stonebrook, raised the following issues: expenses incurred <br />for delivering Council agenda packets, preparation of a complete inventory of <br />Tom materials and availability of the 1981-82 audit. <br />The City Manager stated that an inventory may not be available until the time <br />of budget review due to time constraints; however, she would report at a later <br />date to the Council on this matter. Concerning the Town's audit, it was noted <br />that it could not be released at this time because it had not been paid for. <br />Discussion regarding the billing for the audit were being held to resolve this <br />matter. Allison stated that this was a priority itan and he wished to see it <br />resolved. <br />and sensible San FraneiSgUito Creek <br />area rourang, aeaarensexa.- <br />development - the need for express buses. specifically Dr. Cross asked the <br />Council to request the Metropolitan Transportation Commission through the Santa <br />Clara County Transportation Agency to include in the 1983 STIP project development <br />work for a north county access to Foothill College directly from 280, with particu- <br />lar concern for efficient and attractive express bus service, and for a practical <br />onramp or turnout in the vicinity for northbound passengers on express buses and <br />for car pool or vanpool boarding. <br />Alma Wood, 12151 Stomebrock, noted that a VANTRANS meeting was scheduled for 2/23 <br />at which time the financial future of Vantrans was going to be discussed and <br />Council may wish to defer a decision until a report was made on this meeting. <br />Council thanked Dr. Cross for advising then of this issue. They noted, however, <br />that additional time was needed to review this information and to await further <br />reports. A report would be made at a later date and the City Manager would keep <br />Dr. Cross advised of developments. <br />D. STAFF - REPORTS, ODRRRI SPONDENCE AMID ANNOUNCEHMS: <br />1. City Manager's Reports: <br />a) Status Report on Ton- ned vehicle (Ford Granada) <br />The City Manager referred to the staff memo dated 2/16 in which it was noted <br />that three bids bad been received for the car ($2,000, $2,210 and $2,400). <br />MOTION FAILED DUE TO LAK OF A SDCDND: Moved by Allison to accept the bid of <br />$2,400 unless there were someone present at the meeting who wished to purchase <br />the car. (ADD 'for a greater amount of money' - AMMIIDID BY COUNCIL 3/7/83) <br />MOTION SECONDED ASID CARRIED: Moved by van Tanelen, seconded by Proft and passed <br />by the following roll call vote to assign the Ford Granada to the City Manager <br />in lieu of a car allowance. <br />AYES: Mayor Perkins and CounciltTembers Proft and van Tamelen <br />NOES: Councilman Allison <br />*MUrION FAILED DUE To LACK OF A SECOND: Moved by Allison to direct the City Manager b <br />write a letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission requesting they include <br />in the 1983 STIP project development work for a north county access to Foothill <br />College directly from 280 (AHMEDBY COUNCIL 3/7/83) <br />3 <br />