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CITY COUNCIL <br />TOWN OF IAS ALTOS HIT.T <br />le 26379 Fremont Road <br />Ins Altos Hills, California <br />MM)TES OF AN ADJOUIISIED REGULAR MEETING <br />Tuesday, July 5, 1983 <br />cc: Reel 145, Tr. I, Side I, 001 -end <br />Mayor van Tamelen called the Adjourned Regular Meeting of the City Council to order <br />at 9:40 a.m. in the Council chambers at Town Hall. <br />A. ROLL CALL APED PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: <br />Present: Mayor van Tamelen and Counci.lmembers Allison, Perkins and PxOft <br />Absent: Councilwoman Hillestad <br />Staff: City Manager Ann Hinshaw and City Clerk Pat Dowel <br />Press: Florence Pallakoff, Los Altos Town Crier <br />B. BUD= STUDY SESSION: <br />Account #1-406 - Non -Departmental <br />`, Council asked the City Manager to obtain three bids on janitorial services for <br />future reference; the bids should include exactly what services are provided. <br />Council agreed that regarding standby power, an overall plan and Council approval <br />would be required for any expenditures. <br />Account 01-415 - Retirament and Insurance <br />The City Manager referred to a sunTary page on fringe benefits (dated 7/5/83) <br />which Council had before then. These figures were subject to modification but <br />could be accepted on an interim basis. <br />Account #1-420 - Police <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: For the purpose of the interim budget before Council, it <br />was agreed to change the m< t for outside contracts to $201,700 (last year's <br />figure) until accurate figures for last year are available. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To remve the $4,350 for CHAC (other expense) to Account <br />#1-462 and to change the name of account #1-462 from cultural to coaanunity services <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To direct the City Manager to reiterate to the Sheriff's <br />Department the need for stronger enforcanent of the traffic laws in Town. <br />F <br />4W <br />