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CITY WUNCIL MINUPFS - July 6, 1983 <br />C. <br />CONSENT CALUMAR (continued) : <br />5.b) Recamiended denial of claim from Mr. James M. MCCleery <br />c) Recommended denial of claim from Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Rao <br />d) Recommended denial of claim from Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. Yoshida <br />e) Reaammended denial of claim from Mr. George Kohler <br />NATION SECDNDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Allison, seconded by Proft and passed unani- <br />mously by all members present to direct the City Attorney and the insurance company <br />to record time spent on certain of the claims that care before Council and to seek <br />AMKOED BY <br />possible reimbursenent of ironies spent if aterdet2i ed"'lv'i�aiTi'ri�cs'iawscat <br />omwn - <br />on suits that are dismissed, withdrawn or found to be in the Town's favor. <br />7/20/83 <br />MYFION SECDND D AND CARRIED: Moved by Proft, seconded by Allison and passed unani- <br />mously to reamnend denial of the claims from Mr. James MCCleery, Mr. and Mrs. <br />Roger Kao, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yoshida and Mr. George Kohler <br />D. <br />SPECIAL REPORTS: <br />1. Reports from Standing Committees: <br />a) Pathway Committee - Semi-annual report <br />Mary Stutz Chainwn Pathways Committee noted that Council bad received a copy <br />the committee's seer -annual report dated 6/28/83. In addition Mrs. Stutz commented <br />that paths in road right-of-ways do not appear on the assessors map and people tend <br />` <br />to landscape to the edge of the property. It was agreed this matter would be <br />�r <br />discussed with the City Manager at a later time. Another suggestion made was to <br />check with the Pathways Committee before landscaping bonds are returned to owners <br />and to check the landscaping before final approval was given a house. Perkins <br />stated that it was extremely important for the committee to work closely with the <br />staff for the full benefit to the Town. <br />NOTION SFXDMED AND CARRUD: Moved by Allison, seconded by Proft and passed unani- <br />nmusly to send a letter to the Horsenam' Association thanking than for their <br />diligence in clearing weeds and growth from the Town's pathways. <br />b) Finance Committee - Solid Waste Management Authority <br />For information only, the Finance Committee presented a report dated 6/30/83 on <br />the 6/29/83 Solid Waste Management Authority Seminar (report on file at Town Hall). <br />2. Reports from Ad Hoc Committees: none <br />3. Reports from Planning Cmmission: <br />Commissioner Carico reported that the landscape plan for lot #9 at Matadero Creek <br />had been approved; the Town 's landscape policy was in the process of being reviewed <br />and it had been suggested that a qualified subcommittee be established to review <br />landscaping matters. tins -M99est�-� It was further <br />noted that a very productive meeting had taken place including the Mayor, time City <br />Manager, the Planning Commission Chairman and Mrs. Carico. <br />LW <br />*ADD THE FCLIOWING SEMTT3VCE: "Council asked the Planning Commission to proceed <br />with the preparation of a written recommendation on the establishment of a <br />qualified subcommittee on landscaping matters." (AMEMED BY COUNCIL 7/20/83) <br />-3- <br />